Sunday, October 30, 2011

State Fair of Texas - Trip 2

10-15-11 fair (5) We made two trips to the State Fair of Texas this year. We always have so much fun there.

My brother, David, and his wife, Lauren, were visiting with us for the weekend.  They timed their trip to Texas so that they could go to the fair with us.
10-15-11 fair (8)

Rominal is once again getting coupons for food and rides - he did that a lot that day. He was using a credit card with my name on it and the woman actually read the name on the card and said he didn't look like a Wendy. He had to point me out to them. 10-15-11 fair (6)

If only they had some fried food at the fair.
10-15-11 fair (12)

Seriously though, what is fried watermelon? We should have gotten some just to try it, but there was so much food and so little time.

Bailey was pleased to have a ride partner with my sister-in-law Lauren. 10-15-11 fair (54)

Bailey talked Rominal, Lauren, and David into riding with her on a roller coaster. 10-15-11 fair (57)

10-15-11 fair (67)

I took this picture as they passed above me on the ride.
10-15-11 fair (68) I think they had a good time.

We also talked my mom into coming with us on this trip.  We took her to the fair a couple of years ago and luckily she had forgotten how much walking we did on that visit and decided to come back with us again this year.
10-15-11 fair (80)

The fair has packed up for this year, and David and Lauren have gone back home.  We had a great time both at the fair and with them.

Monday, October 24, 2011

State Fair of Texas - Trip 1

State fair 10-10-11 (200) Yes folks, it's that time of year again.  Time for all kinds of fried foods and fun at the Texas State Fair. 

On this trip, Bailey took a friend with her, Taylor. State fair 10-10-11 (172)

We arrived at the fair early, to try to avoid the crowds.   That only worked for a little while.

I love walking through the Midway, seeing all of the sights and sounds. 
State fair 10-10-11 (81)

Bailey and Taylor loved the rides.

Here they are on the Love Bug. State fair 10-10-11 (47)

They clearly hate it.

State fair 10-10-11 (49)

State fair 10-10-11 (51)

This ride blows a really loud horn during the ride. Darn thing scares me every time. You'd think I'd be used to it now - Bailey rides this ride each year.

Were's Rominal?  Oh, he's getting more coupons (the rides and food vendors only take coupons).

He made several trips for coupons throughout the day. State fair 10-10-11 (130)

The haunted house had some fun characters this year.   Eeeewwww, what is that?  Is it house broken?

State fair 10-10-11 (142)

This thing was funny. People would go up and stand in front of it to have their picture taken, and then the guy inside would move and scare them.

State fair 10-10-11 (144)

This was our first trip to the fair this year. I'll show pictures from our next trip on my next post.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Budding Artist

I just had to share these with you. 

Bailey is taking a painting class in school this year and she is loving it. 

I also think she is doing quite well.

Here's a picture (that she took) of our cat, Twister.  I think this is a fantastic picture too.
Twister - picture

And here's a painting that she made of that same picture.  It was done in water colors.
Twister - painted

Isn't that great?

You can tell I'm pretty proud of her.