Sunday, August 11, 2013


It's only fitting that I follow my last post about the Dog Bowl 2013, with our own dog story.

I should start with the information that our most beloved cat, Twister, passed away in May.  We still miss him to this day.  If he were here he would be stretched out on top of my desk, occasionally knocking things off when he stretches in his sleep. 

We went a couple of months with a quiet, clean household, and then we found this announcement for this little cutie at our local shelter.  They had her listed as a male, but we had to go check her out.

After bribing Rominal with some electronics for the house, we have a new puppy.

Meet Bridget, our newest family member.

7-23-13 (8)

Bailey and I had researched dog breeds and we liked the way the Newfoundland dogs were described as mellow and great with kids.  Also, they aren't that active.  Perfect for us.

She and her 3 litter mates were found in a storm drain that had been blocked by huge rocks.  The puppies were in pretty bad shape when a good Samaritan heard their cries.  It took the fire department to hose out the rocks in order to get the puppies out.

In the picture above and below, she was about 8 1/2 weeks old and about 10.5 pounds.

7-23-13 (20)

When we first brought her home, she slept a lot.  I've always had a thing for pigs, so I love how she looks like a little pig here.

7-25-13 (24)

But after a week or so, she started to get more active.

7-25-13, part 2 (15)

As you can see, Bailey and her have bonded nicely.

7-29-13 (15)

We named her Bridget after Bailey's most favorite stuffed animal, seen below.  The pink Bridget has gone on all trips with us and slept with Bailey since she was very little.  Bridget has been Bailey's companion at all times, so it only seemed appropriate to name her after her most favorite item.

7-29-13 (29)

The pictures below were taken today.  I'm trying to chronicle her growth.  She currently weighs 16.8 pounds and is 11 weeks old.  If she is a full-blooded Newfie (which I don't think she is) she would be considered underweight.  The shelter had her identified as a Newfie/Lab mix, which would explain her current weight.

8-11-13 (1)

8-11-13 (3)

She loves to chase us outside.

8-11-13 (38)

And she really loves her new Frisbee.
8-11-13 (63)

8-11-13 (71)

We occasionally have indoor chases as well. 
8-11-13 (99)

She can almost catch Rominal!
8-11-13 (103)

Love those eyes!

8-11-13 (26)