Friday, April 23, 2010


My sister used to have a quote book in which she would write quotes that she liked as she came across them, or, as often was the case, someone in the family said something funny. She might still do this, but since we don't live together I can't directly confirm nor deny if this still goes on. I can confirm that some of the good quotes will go down in family lore now though.

Rominal and I have kinda the same thing with Bailey, except that we were too lazy to write them down. When she was little she would say the cutest things and we have coined them "Bailey-bonics."

For example, instead of saying "animals" she would say "am-min-nals" or instead of saying "music" she would say "mus-gick." Another favorite was "someotherbodies" used when talking about anyone besides herself.

We had quite the dilemma, do we correct how she says certain words, or do we let her keep saying the words wrong just because it's so cute?

Needless to say, we held on to the Bailey way of saying things for as long as possible and I often say words the way she used to just because they became our version of normal.

As she has gotten older the Bailey-bonics have decreased, much to our disappointment. However, last night we got a great one. We were watching the television show "The Office" and Pam, a character on the show had just come back from maternity leave. Another character asked her how her maternity leave was and Bailey yelled out for us to pause the TV.

(We never watch anything live, we DVR everything and then watch it later. This is fantastic except you get so used to being able to pause TV that I sometimes forget that you can't pause real life. There have been times when I will be doing something and Bailey will be talking to me and I will ask Bailey to pause so that I can finish what I'm doing and then focus on what she's trying to tell me. She will just look at me and give me that look that says, "really Mom?")

Anyway - back to the story - Bailey asked us to pause the TV because she had a question.

Bailey: Wait, it's maternity leave?
Me: Yes, maternity leave. Why?
Bailey: Oh. I thought it was maternity league.

We giggled about that for quite a while - and I'm obviously still giggling about it today.

Have a great weekend!


Reading Allowed said...

John and I say "snop it" in our household as a result of a certain grocery store incident. You have made many cameos in my quote book!

Wendy said...

That's funny, especially since John is just hearing "snop it" second hand.

I'm so glad to have contributed to your marriage. :-)

The dad said...

You forgot our favorite Bailey-bonics, but here is an R-rated reminder from YouTube:

Donna said...

Funny stuff! I use words that my husband swears are not in the dictionary. Must be a Tex-Mex thing! Hope you are feeling better! Hugs from the ATL!