Monday, May 10, 2010

Garage Sale, and other things

Ok - so first of all, sorry I've been gone so long.

I think I mentioned in my last post that we were going to do a garage sale to earn money for our Girl Scout trip to England this summer.

Well, we had that sale on April 24, and here's how it went.

First, we started with a ton of food, to fuel us for the day. We had fruits and muffins.

And a sausage, egg and cheese casserole thingy.

Friday night we packed everything into my garage and priced and sorted things. We worked until about 11:30pm getting everything ready.

Then early Saturday morning (and I mean real early - 6:00am) we pulled everything out. Here's what our driveway looked like.

When we would get a break, the girls would go play 4 square with Rominal. It helped keep them going.

Here's the girls before they beat Rominal in a game.

And here's Melissa, showing off her old sofa for sale.

It was a super tiring day, but in the end we had made about $480.00 towards our trip. We had about 2 trucks worth of stuff left over, so we have another garage sale in our future, unfortunately.

And now for the reason I haven't posted in a while - first thing Saturday morning, I bent over to put on my shoes and I pulled my back out. Not sure if that's the technical term or not, but I hurt my back. I'm still in a ton of pain and I can barely bend over.

I've been doing physical therapy for the last couple of days and it does seem to be helping a bit. Although last Friday they put me on a machine they call the rack which basically pulls you in two different directions and makes you taller. Can you believe that they do that kind of thing still? They said it was to stretch out the disks between my vertebrae so that they could mend and heal. I say it hurts like a @#$%%^ and I would not do it again. I am not friends with that machine.

Anyway - sitting at a computer is uncomfortable for me so that's why I haven't been around lately.

That's about all for now. I hope everyone is doing well.

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Donna said...

Great job on your sales! Garage sales are so much work but a nice chunk of cash! So sorry about your back. That's painful I know! I have not blogged in over week. Life is so busy these past few weeks. Take care Wendy and hope you get to feeling better soon!