Monday, May 31, 2010

Where's my camera when I need it?

Yesterday Rominal, Bailey and my brother Eddie went to Lake Texoma and played around on a friend's boat.

That is huge!

I should back up and tell you why.

Rominal can't swim. Rominal is scared to death of water. Rominal won't even stick his feet into our friend's pool. He is that scared of water.

But on Sunday, he got on a boat. He wore a life vest the entire time, but we were out on the lake for hours, scooting all over the lake.

Cue the Saturday night live song, "I'm on a boat!" We were singing this song throughout the day. (Caution - this video contains bad language)

We drove, motored, boated (what's the proper terminology for boating?) over to an island where everyone anchors their boats and we got out and played in the water by the sandy beach. At first Rominal said that he was going to stay on the boat, but eventually he got his feet into the water.

Again - that is HUGE!

Then, slowly, ever so slowly, he went into the water. Eventually he was in the water all the way up to his shoulders (all the time still wearing his life vest). We all played in the water and Rominal was there with us.

I would even venture to say that he enjoyed the day. Several times when we were scooting across the lake, Rominal was standing up feeling the wind on his face. He looked very "Miami Vice" like. Well, except for the whole life vest thing.

He has now promised that the next time we go to our friend's house who have a pool, he will get in.

Provided that he has some floaties on.

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Donna said...

This is HUGE! I'm sure there were plenty of smiles. Sounds like you all had great fun. I hear it's HOT HOT in Texas already!