Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Haystacks - kinda

So, anyone who knows me personally for longer than say, 5 minutes, knows that I have an enormous sweet tooth.

You know how some people will take a bit of something and make a face because whatever they are eating is too sweet for them? Yeah, those people. My husband is one of those people. Well, I just don't get them.

I understand food being too spicy. That's something I can relate to. But too sweet? Never. Seriously, I have yet to find a food that is too sweet for me.

So, having such a huge sweet tooth is not the best thing when your trying to lose weight. But here's something that's not completely bad.

They are haystacks, but made slightly differently. The original haystacks are made with chow main noodles and also contain peanuts.

These are made with Fiber One cereal. The box comes with 2 sleeves of twigs, er, I mean cereal. For this we will use just one.

Then you melt 1 bag of chocolate chips. And here's where you can customize it a bit. If you can't handle the sweet, use semi-sweet chips. If you can really handle the sweet, do what I do. I melted half a bag of milk chocolate chips and half a bag of butterscotch chips together. It makes it even sweeter. Yeah!

Once the chips are melted, stir them together good, and pour in the cereal. Drop the mix by the spoonful onto a wax lined cookie sheet and put in the fridge to set. Or, if it's cold where you are like it is here, just let them set for a few minutes on the counter.

Because of all of the fiber in the cereal, this treat doesn't count much in terms of weight watchers points. I get my sweet/chocolate fix, and I can still eat dinner that day. Everyone wins!


Donna said...

Yea for a treat I can have on weight watchers! Well, that's when I get started again after my vacation! I also have a big sweet tooth and these will do the trick. I buy that bird, no breakfast cereal as well. High fiber!

Donna said...

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