Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I hesitate to tell you this. . . .

But what the heck. I've been pretty much an open book so far, why stop now.

As most people know, I've been struggling with my weight since, well, since forever. I wrote about it here most recently.

I just can't seem to get motivated to workout. I have all kinds of excuses - things like I'm too tired, something good is on TV, or I just must sit here on the sofa for a very long while.

In addition to my lack of movement, my sweet tooth keeps taking over my body! When I get my body back I see that my sweet tooth has made me eat all kinds of bad things. Such a bad sweet tooth!

So, Tuesdays are the days that I go to Weight Watchers now - during my lunch time. I was getting ready to leave work today and my good friend and boss, was begging me to go to lunch with him instead. He is often not a good influence. Other people heard our discussion (because neither of us are very quiet) and one of my coworkers suggested that I should cancel my Weight Watchers membership and give him the money and he would instead hassle me daily to lose weight. I am so rebellious that this plan would never work for me. If I had to answer to someone saying, "why are you eating that?" then I would proceed to eat even more of it just to prove it to you that I could.

So, you get my point - the RIGHT motivation is key for me.

This same coworker mentioned that he and another coworker are trying to run/walk 365 miles this year. Of course these are guys who are both in very good shape and don't need to run/walk 365 miles.

Anyway, this idea marinated in my head while I was out at Weight Watchers today and I like the idea of a goal like this.

Perhaps it is because I'm currently reading "Julie and Julia; My Year of Cooking Dangerously" that I like the idea of this kind of a goal. I'm certainly behind the 8 ball on this already - here it is January 26 and I haven't logged a mile yet, but I think I could catch up.

My concern is that since I've now made this public, what if I can't/don't actually do it. What happens then? Will you still love me?

I guess even if I only walk 50 miles this year, that's still 50 miles, right?

Maybe if I get going on this I'll put up a tracker on the side showing my progress.

And if I don't get much done at all, this will probably be the last you will hear about it.

Oh the suspense!

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Donna said...

Hi Wendy! I am back! I walked miles and miles on my trip. More miles than I would have ever walked at home. I usually walk way more miles when on vacation as I am sure you do, so maybe more VACATIONS are in order to help reach walking goals? lol I am sure our husbands will love that plan!
P.S. I am catching up on life and hope to be back posting by the weekend. :)