Sunday, January 24, 2010

Delicious Red Snapper

First of all, let me just say that my sister is so smart! I have been trying to figure out how to upload my pictures to Flickr and then get them to show up on this blog. She sent me a very detailed email on all of the steps and it worked like a charm! Thank you Erin!

So, on to my delicious red snapper!
01-23-10 032

I should say that on Saturday, my Mom and I had the opportunity to meet with a very dear friend of mine, Kim, and her mother Nancy. We met for lunch at Cafe Brazil which is near Central Market. Central Market is a super grocery store, but unfortunately it is not very close to where I live. I love to go there whenever I can.

Mom and I went there after our great lunch and I was able to get some fantastic fish. I had never cooked with red snapper before, but I tried it because Mom said it was one of her favorites.

I took the red snapper and on the non-skin side I sprinkled with cumin, kosher salt and pepper. I put the fish seasoned-side down in a hot skillet that had just a touch of olive oil in it. I let the fish cook for about 4 minutes on this side.

I should have taken a picture of the non-skin side, but I forgot. Sorry about that.

But here's the fish in the pan, skin-side up. See the little piece on the right? That's Rominal's piece. He doesn't like fish at all, but he's been a good sport about it and eating whatever I make.
01-23-10 029

After a few minutes, I turned over the fish and covered it with a drained can of chopped tomatoes, and about 1/4 a cup of salsa. I let the fish cook about 5-7 minutes longer, until it was done. And that was it!

01-23-10 030

Knowing that Rominal doesn't like fish, I had to have hearty side dishes. This meant fingerling potatoes. I tossed these in olive oil and sprinkled on kosher salt and pepper and roasted in the oven at 425' for about 30 minutes. Aren't they cute!
01-23-10 033

In addition to that (and this was for Bailey, because she can't get enough of this side dish) I roasted chopped up broccoli, onion and whole garlic cloves - again tossed in olive oil and put in the same 425' oven for about 30 minutes.
01-23-10 034

Here's the finished fish again. I loved it - the fish was flaky, and not too fishy tasting. Bailey didn't like the salsa - she would have preferred a lemon type sauce. Oh well, can't win them all.

01-23-10 032

Let me know if you try this. I really did like it a lot.


Reading Allowed said...

hey! Glad it worked for you! Who would ever have thought I would be the go-to person in the family for a tech question?

Cafe Brazil said...

We are so glad you came in to visit us for lunch! Follow us on twitter @Cafe_Brazil_DFW or become a Fan on Facebook to get in-the-loop on promotions and giveaways!