Thursday, March 31, 2011

Disney's Hollywood Studios

I'm continuing the recap of our trip to Disney World for Spring Break. To read about our first day, click here. Above you see Rominal, Bailey and my Mom.

So, our second full day was spent at Disney's Hollywood Studios. Here's Rominal, Bailey and me.

Rominal loves the movie Aliens, so he had to get his picture taken with the thing. Scary.


And Bailey loves the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, and the object below was used in one of the movies (or so they said). It was the net made of bones that they rolled around in.

Would you believe they had New York there? We knew we had walked a lot, but I didn't think we had walked all the way to New York!

Even when we got closer it was amazing to see. The attention to detail was fantastic.

Rominal had to get a closer look, even though that meant ruining the illusion.

We also walked to San Francisco! We were tired!

Here's Rominal and Bailey waiting to get on the, "Behind the Scenes" tour.

We saw some fire.

And just a bit of water.

Ok - make that a LOT of water.

Then somehow we walked over to the Star Wars area. I don't remember what those big things from the movie are called, but it's shocking to see one in person.


We then attended a stunt show, that focused on stunt driving. These cars drove so close together at times that I'm amazed they never crashed.

And of course, there was fire again. The woman you see below who is on fire was just fine. It was hard to watch though.

And what stunt show would be complete without a big explosion? Of course, Disney had one of those.

We ended up staying late at Hollywood Studios to see their fireworks show. It wasn't as good as Magic Kingdom's, but we were still glad we stayed.

I think my favorite thing from this day was the Muppets Show in 3D. Yes, I'm probably too old for that, but it was great. Rominal and Bailey rode the big Hollywood Hotel ride. It's like an elevator that bounces you around and then eventually drops you. Yeah, Mom and I skipped that one.

I'll post more later.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Disney's Magic Kingdom

First of all, let me apologize for my absence. No real good reason - just life got in the way.

So, while I was gone, we went on vacation for Spring Break. We went to Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

We had never been there, so this was a real treat for us. Another treat for us was that my Mom came along with us for the trip.

Here's my mother and Bailey in the car. They look so happy because this picture was taken 30 minutes into our 18 hour drive.

Rominal looks pretty happy too. Again, this was day one.


This picture was taken somewhere near water. I'm sure you never would have guessed that. It's my self portrait.

When we finally arrived at the condo that we would be staying at for the next week, the locals came out to greet us.


So, our first day we went to Magic Kingdom. Someone was nice enough to take our picture together, so this is the four of us.


Did I mention how crowded it was? I know - we should have known better - it was Spring Break after all. Actually, of the four parks we went to, this was the most crowded park. It was quite surreal to walk down this "street" and see the castle in the background. This is an image we have all seen throughout our lives. And if you have a child in the house, you have seen countless Disney shows from this location.


About five minutes after we arrived here, there was a parade - as if was just to welcome us!

You can tell Bailey isn't going to enjoy this trip at all, poor thing.


Rominal and Bailey were our guides for the trip - Mom and I just went where ever they told us to go.

We are easy-going like that.


The people mover "ride" was our first thing. It's hardly a ride, it just takes you around a bit. But Rominal and Bailey were still having a blast anyway.


We went on a steamboat.


And Rominal had a nice chat with this fine gentleman and his friend. Rominal did all of the talking though.

I loved these little statues.



Mom and I waited for our dinner reservations while Rominal and Bailey ran to tomorrowland to ride a quick ride.


During dinner, we met this fine fellow. We love Pooh.
Bailey's first stuffed animal was a Pooh bear.
Actually, her first and second stuffed animal were the same Pooh bear because at some point we lost the first one and had to get a replacement one before she noticed the original was gone.
Shhhh, don't tell her. She still has that Pooh.


And we met Eeyore. Rominal was trying to cheer him up, but he didn't do very well.

And, we met another favorite, Tigger! My house key actually has Tigger on it, so I was pleased to meet him too.

We stayed at the park late to watch the light show and fireworks. I'm so glad we did - it was probably the highlight of our trip.


The lights on the castle would make it appear as though the castle was actually changing colors.

And this was the best fireworks show we have ever seen.


The only drawback to this day was that there were so many people in the park that when the show was over it took us almost 2 hours to get back to our car. It was worth it though.

I'll post more pictures from our trip in the next couple of days.