Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Busy, busy, busy

Sorry for not posting for a really, really long time. Just so much going on these days. Let's see if I can catch you up. Here's my random string of thoughts.

My daughter - Sunday, April 11 (I give you the actual date only to show that this has been brewing for a while), she decided to become a full-fledged, license carrying, pain-in-the-butt teenager, complete with attitude and angst - all aimed at us. Gosh, what fun!

She is still under punishment.

This is an old joke, but it still makes me giggle, "Now I know why animals eat their young."

Girl Scout stuff - This Saturday we are hosting a 4 family garage sale at our house to earn some money for our trip to London in August (provided the whole volcano thing is done by then and the airways are open again - like I needed something else to worry about).

Two weeks ago one family dropped off 2 (yes, that's 2) cars worth of stuff at our house because they are out of town for the next couple of weeks and won't be here for the garage sale. We managed to get everything stacked just right so that it would fit in front of Rominal's car in the garage with just the slightest amount of room for him to maneuver around to get in and out of his car. So far, he's managed to keep his grumpiness about this whole thing down to a slight murmur for the most part, except for last Friday night. (We aren't garage sale people - we'd rather take all of our stuff to Goodwill and just be done with it.)

Last Friday night our toilet wouldn't stop running. So, we went to Home Depot and he bought the necessary toilet parts. When we got home, I got into my pajamas (I love to be in my pajamas) and proceeded to plop myself in front of the TV for the night.

What? It was Friday night! I had worked all week! HGTV and FOOD Network was calling my name!

Anyway, Bailey was helping Rominal with the toilet and I noticed he seemed to be stomping around more than normal so I ask her what's going on. Turns out that he needed several of his tools to fix the toilet, and guess where those tools were? Yup, that's right - they were in the garage cabinet behind the big, huge stack of stuff that we are storing for the garage sale. He had to move everything out of the way to get to them and wasn't very happy about having to do it. So, I quietly went downstairs and piled everything back up for him. And, our toilet is now working properly.

This week has been spent gathering as much stuff out of our house that we can add to the garage sale as possible. Last night Bailey and I reduced our collection of board games by half. We've been needing to do that for years, so that felt good. I plan on tackling other rooms each night. Friday night the families will all get together at our house and get everything ready, for what will hopefully be the sale of the century on Saturday. Stop by if your in the neighborhood!

Saturday during all of the garage sale madness (or at least I hope it will be madness) my good friend from Colorado, Jae, will arrive. She's going to spend one night with us before she has to go into Dallas for business. I'm looking forward to seeing her and I hope I'm not too worn out to visit and can still make complete sentences. On Sunday, another friend of ours from junior high school who we have recently found again via Facebook will come by my house for lunch and the three of us will catch up. Should be tons of fun!

So, that's my schedule through this weekend. I know you have been dying to know what's going on in my life. HA HA!

And, that's about all I know for now. Hope everyone is well!

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Donna said...

Hi Wendy, I knew you must be busy and yes you are! I think the spring weather brings busy work! Our neighborhood garage sale is this Saturday and I really wanted to participate but we have college visit on Saturday morning and Prom Saturday night. I will miss all the neighbor deals! I know all about the sounds husbands make when they are thrilled about things. I get that often!