Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dallas Farmers Market

Last Saturday we got up (kinda) early and went to downtown Dallas to visit their Farmer's Market.

It's a colorful place, and I took tons of pictures.

We bought some cilantro, basil and thyme plants.

And we bought some of these tomatoes. Yummy!

We got some onions and red potatoes.

And look at the size of these peppers!

The displays were very pretty. So much to chose from.

I ended up taking these too home - they were too cute to pass up.

Lots of flowers even.

It was a beautiful day, perfect weather for shopping!

After the market, we stopped by at Rominal's work. He works in downtown Dallas. Bailey enjoyed seeing his office. Since it was a Saturday, most of the lights were off.

My brother Eddie works there too, and he had to work on Saturday - so it was nice to see him as well.

We stopped to take some more pictures outside.

And then it was off to find some lunch.

Saturday night for dinner, we had fresh lemon chive pasta with red peppers and onions and sliced tomatoes with fresh basil and mozzarella cheese - all of which was bought at the Farmer's Market.

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