Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Day in the Life - Day 3

Here's my day 3 of the "Day in the Life" project. Again, for the history, please see this.

I went to work like normal today - not much to tell there. Once I got home I had to rush and get dinner started. Dinner tonight included a really good cantaloupe. I tried a different way of cutting it up tonight - just to mix things up. Why? Because that's how I roll. I made some chicken, and sliced some tomatoes. It was a quick, but decent dinner. Note my new pretty plates! They are square - and I love them! Aren't they pretty?
We had to rush and eat dinner, because tonight I had a Girl Scout council meeting to go to, and Bailey was going as well to help with the babysitting in case any leaders needed to bring their kid/s. Bailey was very excited to do her first babysitting job. Unfortunately, there were no kids there for her to watch. She had fun chatting with another girl who was also there to help babysit.
Here's a picture of what I got at the meeting. This really isn't that interesting of a picture, but I felt that I needed to post another picture, because I'm such an over-achiever. NOT!!!
Oh, and those bills from last night - yeah, they are still haunting me. The storm last night was so bad that I quickly shut down the computer and went to bed, because everyone knows your safe if you are in your own bed.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Tuesday!

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PK said...

I love your new plates. I WANT SQUARE PLATES!