Friday, August 14, 2009

Various Things

Wow - quite a long time has gone by since I last posted. Sorry about that.

So, are you curious as to how I've been spending my time since I clearly was not blogging? Well, first thing is this:

This is one of our cats, Zephyr - also known as Orange.

Don't let this picture fool you. He's a stinker.

This cute little creature has decided that he must mark his territory throughout our house. He started with peeing on my daughter while she was holding him. She was not amused. This is behavior that I cannot condone. I've taken him to the vet twice now, in hopes of finding something, anything that will make him stop peeing in my house. We now have the little heathen on pills, a hormone spray, and special stuff that we put in the litter box to make him want to go there. Even with all of this I still occasionally spend a few minutes cleaning up a pee mark. Yeah, I live a grand life!

Luckily, Rominal hasn't killed him yet. We plan on replacing the carpet someday (someday sooner rather than later now) and therefore Rominal has been a good sport about this whole thing.

So, if anyone has any home remedies out there that I should be trying, please advise.

Our carpet begs you.

Luckily, during all of this drama, Rominal's attention has been focused on this:

Our new gas grill.

Even though Rominal still prefers charcoal, he can appreciate the ease and convenience of a propane grill.

Say it with me now in your best Hank Hill voice, "propane and propane accessories." Thank you.

Here's Eddie and Rominal setting it up.

And our first meal cooked on the grill - oh yeah baby!

Yummy! Can't you just smell them?
The new grill wouldn't have been possible without the very last minute help from our friends Melissa and Bobby, who own a truck. This grill was so big it wouldn't fit in our van. They came to our rescue. We owe them a steak dinner too!

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