Monday, February 7, 2011

Playing Catch Up

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Things have been kinda busy around here.

I'm not sure if you have heard, but we held a little game here last Sunday. So, just to catch you up on everything, here's what I've been up to.

About a week ago we went to the NFL Experience in Downtown Dallas.
NFL (14)

Poor Rominal. He's not going to like this at all. Don't let his big grin fool you.
NFL (23)
Actually, Rominal loves football. So he was quite pleased to be at the NFL Experience.

Our friend Steve tried on a Broncos outfit, because he's a big Broncos fan.
NFL (28)

This ball had special meaning. It was the ball from the Cowboys versus Steelers Super Bowl game back on January 28, 1996. It was the last time that the Cowboys have been in a Super Bowl. About two weeks later, Bailey was born.


Rominal thinks not.
NFL (31)

Here's me and Bailey - I've got a goofy smile, but oh well.
NFL (19)-fixed

A big part of the NFL Experience is where kids, and kids at heart, can try running formations or tossing the ball. Rominal had to try this out.

Here he is right before he runs his formation.
NFL (64)

And here he is running for the ball.
NFL (66)

We'll just assume he catches it, ok? Yeah, go with that.

Where's Rominal?
NFL (87)-fixed

Here's me again as a Cowboy. This is way more difficult than it looks, because I'm having to stand on this statue's feet in order to be tall enough to get my head over the shoulders. I'm really hanging on as best I can.
NFL (49)-fixed

They had a mock-up of a locker room and I got these shots of Bailey and Rominal.
NFL (80)-fixed

NFL (75)-fixed

And now on for the weather related events.

Last week we had some ice, and some snow. It was pretty crazy.

First on Tuesday, we got a ton of ice. Everything was shut down - I stood in the doorway long enough to take this picture and that was it. You can see that our patio and grass is coated in ice.
2-1-11 (20)

The ice stayed with us through the week. Then on Friday, we got snow. And a lot of snow for around here.
2-4-11 (66)

Here's Rominal outside in our back yard. Hey, what's he doing with that snowball?
2-4-11 (61)

Hey! Hey now! That is uncalled for!
2-4-11 (62)

Yeah, well luckily I was standing inside taking pictures and I was not touched by snow. I know you were concerned.

We thought we would let Twister get a taste of the snow.
2-4-11 (30)

He's not real sure what to think.
2-4-11 (33)

I think he's starting to realize it's nice and warm inside, and not so much outside.
2-4-11 (34)

Look at his little snow covered paws. So cute!
2-4-11 (53)

All of the school districts closed on Tuesday through Friday, so the kids all enjoyed a nice, long weekend.

One last picture - from my front porch, because I too did not step food outside of the house.
2-4-11 (1)

And of course, in typical Texas fashion, all of the snow has melted away and this is now just a memory. However, they are predicting snow again for Wednesday. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Hope you are warm where you are!

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