Saturday, April 2, 2011

Texas Bluebonnets

I'm interrupting our Disney vacation pictures to show you this because it's Spring in Texas, which means . . .

bluebonnets 4-2-11 (98)

It means the bluebonnets are in bloom!

bluebonnets 4-2-11 (18)

I found a field close to our house that has tons of them.

bluebonnets 4-2-11 (32)
After much persuasion and fussing, I got my family to go with me so that we could take some pictures.
Here's Rominal and Bailey.
bluebonnets 4-2-11 (34)
And then I took a lot of just Bailey.
bluebonnets 4-2-11 (54)

It wasn't long before my family had gotten into the spirit.
bluebonnets 4-2-11 (52)

I doctored this one of me and Bailey up quite a bit.
bluebonnets 4-2-11 (11)-edit
And here's me and Rominal.
bluebonnets 4-2-11 (89)-edit

The bees were amazing. They were feasting on pollen.
bluebonnets 4-2-11 (71)

bluebonnets 4-2-11 (77)
She didn't eat any pollen. We took her to lunch after this.
bluebonnets 4-2-11 (112)

bluebonnets 4-2-11 (116)
We saw lots of lady bugs too.
bluebonnets 4-2-11 (65)-edit

I "Googled" bees and pollen and I read that the bees have pollen baskets on their legs. You can see the pollen basket in the picture below, it's almost red in color.

bluebonnets 4-2-11 (79)-edit

bluebonnets 4-2-11 (86)-edit
Next post will be back to Disney. Pardon the interruption.


Reading Allowed said...

Great shots! I love the second bee one. What a great photo location!

Donna said...

Gorgeous photos Wendy! The close up shot of the bee and the lady bug ROCK. It has been years since I have been to Texas when Bluebonnets were blooming. What a great family photo opportunity. Well done!

Kimberly said...

Fantastic photos!!! I never noticed how much you look like your dad! You all look terrific!