Saturday, September 10, 2011

Bailey and Pat the horse

9-7-11 (16)-edit Bailey loves horses. But then what young girl doesn't love horses?

Ever since she found out about a therapeutic riding facility nearby, she has been wanting to volunteer there so that she could spend more time around horses. About two weeks ago, she was trained and she is now volunteering there twice a week.

Last Wednesday was her first day. 9-7-11 (29)-edit
Her job is to get the horse for the class ready by grooming the horse, getting the saddle and riding gear on the horse, and then warming the horse up by walking it around for a bit.  Then during the lesson she either walks next to the rider to ensure that the rider is comfortable, or she is in the lead guiding the horse.  After the lesson she has to take the saddle off and put the horse back in his/her pen.

9-7-11 (30)-edit

The weather got a bit cooler this week, so it was actually plesant to be outside watching Bailey.

9-7-11 (49)-edit

9-7-11 (54)-edit

As she and the horse, Pat, were walking around, I started to notice something.

9-7-11 (55)-edit

Do you see it? 9-7-11 (57)-edit

Look at their feet.

9-7-11 (67)-edit

They matched foot steps each time. I thought that was pretty neat.

Also please notice Bailey's new boots. She insisted that she have them for this.

9-7-11 (7)-edit

I'd say she's pretty happy.

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Donna said...

I love those boots! I noticed the stride they both had. The photos are terrific. This girl loves horses!