Thursday, July 26, 2012

Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge

Bridging (105) Dallas has a new landmark in it's skyline, it's the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge. That's it over there on the right in the picture above.

Back in March before the bridge opened for traffic, the city of Dallas let the Girl Scouts hold a bridging ceremony for girls who are "bridging" up to the next level of Girl Scouts. Unfortunately not all three of my Girl Scouts could attend, but my family went and these were the pictures from the day.

We got there a little early so that I could take some extra pictures. It was a beautiful day. Bridging (25)

Here's Rominal, Mom and Bailey.

Bridging (30)

And just to show that I was there too, here's a picture with me in it.

  Bridging (31)

I love to get pictures of people walking away.  I don't know what that says about me, but I always feel like I've captured something special.

Bridging (33)

Bridging (35)

Bridging (43)

This woman was dressed up as Juliette Gordon Low, the founder of Girl Scouts. She was so sweet to be dressed up out there for the girls!

Bridging (59)

Eventually quite a crowd showed up.

Bridging (65)

Gee, you'd never know that Rominal and Bailey were related would you? Father and daughter standing exactly the same.

Bridging (77)

For the bridging ceremony, the organizers had all of the parents go to one side of the bridge and then the girls walked across according to age and Girl Scout troup level they were going into.

The youngest girls went first and they were adorable.

Bridging (83)

Then some of the older girls came across.

Bridging (87)

Then it was time for the oldest girls to cross. You can see that there aren't as many girls.

Bridging (88)

Even though we didn't go with any other girls, Bailey met some "sister" Girl Scouts and they invited her to walk across the bridge with them. Bailey is on the far right in the picture below. Part of the Girl Scout law is to be a "sister to every Girl Scout" and these girls were so sweet to welcome Bailey.

Bridging (94)

It was a great day and a wonderful opportunity to be on this new landmark for Dallas. 

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Donna @ My Sweet Things said...

What a gorgeous landmark! It reminds me of the bridge in Charleston. I had no idea they were building one. Thanks for sharing these photos! What an awesome experience for your family!