Thursday, October 4, 2012

Girl Scouts and the State Fair of Texas

2012 is the 100th anniversary of the Girl Scouts.  This remarkable accomplishment is being celebrated at the State Fair of Texas this year and my troop got to participate.

Each night at the fair there is a parade that goes all around the fair grounds.  The Girl Scouts have a float in this year's parade and my girls got to be on the float the other night.  It was a ton of fun!

I have so many pictures to share, so, sit back and enjoy.

Here's Elizabeth and Bailey in front of the building where the Girl Scout exhibit is being held.


Here's Tiffany, Bailey and Elizabeth.



This is how they planned to waive from the float. I didn't actually walk around the route with them, so not sure if they did this the whole time or not.





This is another float. I just liked the colors in it. DSC_0062


Unfortunately, we didn't have time to wait for the wheel to go around so that "Texas Star" was right-side up.


Some fair eats - that we didn't have time to stop at. Maybe next time.


So, after the parade took off, we took a short cut through the fair and met back up with the parade as it was nearing the end.

Here comes our girls!

The girls had a great time.

Too bad you can't tell.

Updated - we went back another night and we found a picture of Bailey from about five years ago in the display for the 100 year celebration of Girl Scouts. How cool is that?

10-7-12 (9)

And we almost didn't recognize her picture, because the picture was taken when she was at camp. She's the one in the yellow life vest on the right.

10-7-12 (10)

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