Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Icemageddon and Bridget

Here in the Dallas area, we are just starting to get out of the ice storm called "Icemageddon!"  It started raining freezing rain/sleet on Thursday, December 5 and we got several inches by Friday morning.  On top of that, the temperatures didn't go above freezing for a couple of days - so we were iced in.

My mom came over on Thursday and stayed with us during the storm.  We enjoyed having her and it was nice to all be stuck in the house together.  We did a bit of cooking over the weekend, but mostly we stayed warm under blankets.  It was heaven.

Here's our house a couple of days after the storm hit.


I thought these ice crystals were pretty.


Our street is looking more like an ice rink.


The bushes in front of our house collected lots of ice too.


And now on to Bridget.  She has grown so much.  Just to remind you of what she used to look like -

7-25-13 (24)

Here she is now. Bailey still likes to pick her up, which isn't easy. She's 6 months old and about 45-50 pounds now.


Bailey actually took this picture, but I love it, so I'm using it.


Here's Bridget running in our backyard.
She.  Loves.  To.  Run.

What do you do when you are tired from running? You cuddle up in a blanket made especially for you by Bailey.


And here's a good size comparison to our fireplace for you.


She is resting on her second dog bed.  Someone chewed up her first one already.


I originally told you in my first post about Bridget that she was a Newfoundland puppy.  Well, she wasn't growing as quickly as a Newfoundland should, so we had her DNA tested.  Turns out that she is mostly Lab, with parts Chow and Shetland sheepdog. 

Basically she's a mutt. 

But that's ok, we have gotten quite attached to her.


I didn't think she was really sleeping.


Here's her full body.  She often looks like a wolf to us.  Her fur is curly in areas and straight in others. 


And here's her Bridget smile. 


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Anonymous said...

Great pictures Wendy!

I love Bridget already just from her pictures.


Mary (Uncle Tommy's wife).