Sunday, September 14, 2008

Clean house smell!

Don’t you just love the smell of bleach/cleaning stuff in your house? I love how it makes your house smell clean. I mopped my floors today. Honest – I did! I’ll wait while you pick your jaw up off of the floor. Go ahead and take your time. Better? Good. I’ll continue. Now every time I come down the stairs I get a whiff of cleaning stuff. Now granted, if I mopped more often, maybe this would be a smell that I was more familiar with, but that’s not the point. Who wants to mop anyway? Certainly not me.

I was reminded today why I dislike mopping – it’s kind of a pain. And apparently I’m out of practice, since I mopped myself into a corner. Fine – I admit it - it’s been a really long time since I last mopped!

When we built this house, I purposely chose tiles, kitchen counters, and carpets that would hide dirt. And let me tell you – I chose very well. So, my lack of mopping is well, my secret, until now. You won’t tell, right?

Maybe in the future I’ll just spill a bit of cleaning stuff on the floor – maybe I don’t really have to mop to get that “clean house” smell. Hmmmm. . . . something to think about.


Her man said...

Wow! Ain't she pretty!!!!!

Erin said...

oh I love the new pic!