Thursday, September 11, 2008

My Man!

Well, apparently a hurricane is approaching! The Girl Scouts and I were all set to go camping this weekend, but as the weather reports got gloomier (is that a word? Must be, the spell checker didn’t “ding”me) and gloomier, and parents pulled their kids from the trip, we decided to cancel. So, in it’s place we – and by “we” I’m referring to my better half of the Girl Scout world – my other leader. Couldn’t do it without her – she’s another post in herself at another time. Anyway, we decided to have a pizza night and “semi” sleep-over at my house tomorrow night. We are asking the girls to wear their pajamas and slippers and we will order pizza and probably make cookies. Any excuse to make cookies is a good one in my book. When I called my dear, sweet husband Rominal to tell him that we would have no less than 8 pre-teen girls at our house on Friday night from 6:30 until 11:00pm his first response was, “What?!?” However, today when I met him for lunch he had some wonderful ideas on things we could do with the girls to make the time go smoothly. He’s even going to help clean up the house tonight to get ready – although we will probably need to clean up more afterwards – but my other leader is allergic to cats so we want to make sure to vacuum and clean so that she doesn’t get all sniffily. What a great guy! He’s still refusing to wear his pajamas to the party, but that’s probably for the better.

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