Monday, June 8, 2009

Sorry for the delay!

I'm sorry for the delay in my post, I know everyone has been sitting on pins and needles to hear what happened to Rominal after his court date. In case you have no idea what I'm talking about, please read this first.

After all of this happened we went and looked through all of our cancelled checks. Turns out that I had records back to 3 months after the date the check was written, but nothing on this actual check or checking account. We suspect that Rominal might have bounced the check back then (it was his own account at that time) but we really think that we would have gotten this taken care of back then. However, we have no way to prove the check was paid. We hoped that he could plead his case to the judge to explain how are we supposed to keep up with this for 17 years?

Well, Rominal went to court and he was the last person to go in front of the judge. The entire time he was there he kept hearing her explain if you wanted a jury trial, she would set a date and she didn't want to hear anything else about why the person might think they are not guilty. If they didn't want a jury trail, they had the choice of pleading no contest or guilty.

So, after Rominal spent quite a while hearing each person go up and try to plead their case, only to hear the judge state, " jury trial, no contest or guilty?" it was finally his turn. He walked up and the judge opened up a folder and there was the check he had written 17 years ago. The actual check. So, he went ahead and pleaded no contest. He was assigned a fine of $100.00 and restitution fee of $75.00 for a total of $175.00. This money came out of the $250.00 bond money we had paid for him, so we actually got some money back.

All in all, we are glad to be done with it.

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