Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Day!

02-11-10 003

Snow is a pretty rare occurrence around these parts, but boy did we get it today! It started snowing sometime in the middle of the night and it hasn't stopped all day.

I took this picture so that you could see the accumulation of snow on our mail box.
02-11-10 007

Of course, the schools were closed - which meant that a friend had to come over.

And it meant I got to use my telephoto lens so I could see the girls from far away.
02-11-10 031

They were taking their sweet time, strolling in the snow.

02-11-10 043

Kenzie and Bailey are loving this.

02-11-10 046

Then, we had to get another friend involved, so Emily joined the group.

02-11-10 060

And they went into the backyard,

02-11-10 062

And mayhem ensued.
02-11-10 063

Bailey and Emily are at a standoff.
02-11-10 066

Eventually, I bribed them with hot chocolate and leftover birthday cake. It was the only way I could get them inside to get dry and warm.

02-11-10 068

They had a great day.

I just heard that they have already closed schools for tomorrow.

Help me.

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Donna said...

Wow! That's some serious snow for Texas huh? Looks like the girls had a good time. I love snow stay at home days. We are expecting some snow this afternoon. Keeping our fingers crossed for it!