Monday, September 27, 2010

State Fair of Texas - and other things

What a busy weekend we had!

First of all, last week was Rominal's birthday. Poor guy had to work really late on his birthday so the first time we had to celebrate was Friday night at my mom's house.

Rominal's not real big on sweets, but he loves Blue Bell homemade vanilla ice cream.

My brother, David, and his wife, Lauren, were in town for the weekend. We took them to the Texas State Fair on Saturday. Unfortunately, it rained until about 2:00pm that day.

Here's Bailey, David and Lauren.

One of the new fried foods this year is fried beer. Yup - you read that correctly, fried beer.
Even though it was still pretty early in the day, we knew we had try this.

It was so gross. David is trying not to spit it out.

Here you can see the beer ooze out.

We had to get a Belgian Waffle to get the nasty taste out of our mouths - except for Bailey. She didn't have any fried beer, but she did have the waffle.

Because of the rain, there weren't that many people there. We spent some time in the car show area and David and Lauren found a foosball table.

This is Bailey in the main food area in front of the Cotton Bowl. Normally this would be packed with people, but because of the rain the place was empty. We didn't mind the rain so much because Bailey and I had gotten used to walking around in the rain from our trip to England.

Here's Rominal - happy as can be because he has a container of Jack's French Fries.

Here they are. Yummy!

Of course, he shared them with everyone.

Here's the typical menu - can you guess what we got from here?

If you guessed fried cookie dough, then you win a prize!
Although the fried peanut butter, jelly and banana sandwich also caught my eye, we were just too full.
Here's the cookie dough. It was really good.

Bailey and Lauren enjoyed some rides.

Here they are on the swings.

They went very high.

I mean really, really high in the air.

This guy was one of the operators of the Love Bug ride. He was dancing and swaying to the loud music. He was pretty fun to watch. He was clearly having a great time.

Bailey and Lauren - on yet another ride.

Then we saw some great pumpkin carvings.

Oh wait - Bailey and Lauren on another ride. . .

Time for more food. David got some corn on the cob.

Lauren got a funnel cake, which we all shared.

And Rominal got a stick of potatoes.

The aquarium had a new stingray exhibit. We got to feed and touch them.

The octopus was a bit "touchy."

Oh - more food! A carmel apple.

And would you believe that after the very full day at the fair, Bailey still had the energy to go to the homecoming dance at her highschool that night.
As soon as we got home, she rushed and got ready and her she is in her dress. She wore her black sequined Converse shoes with the dress. How smart is that!

And that's all for the fair. Believe it or not, we didn't see or do everything. Rominal and I are already trying to think of another day that we can get out there this year.

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Donna said...

Wow! That Big as Texas Fried Food Board has some crazy offerings! Fried Coke? I can't imagine what the Fried Beer tasted like. Of course I would take a bite of anything once just to try it. We shared fried oreos at our fair and only payed $3 dollars for them. Those Texas prices are Texas Big as well huh? lol

Love Bailey's black sequined Converse Shoes! I need me some Chuck Taylors!