Sunday, October 3, 2010

Surprise! Kinda.

Tomorrow is my brother Eddie's 30th birthday. To celebrate his birthday, we had a surprise party for him last night.

Well, that was our plan at least. He arrived a bit early and only a few people where here. On top of that, our front door was unlocked and he walked right in. So, we didn't get to yell, "surprise!"

I think he still had a great time.

Here he is on the left, enjoying a Fat Tire beer with Rominal, Chris, and Tommy.

Bailey loved playing catch with Tommy's son, and he didn't seem to mind playing with Bailey either.

Here's some of the crowd.

And Rominal thanking everyone for coming out to wish Eddie a happy birthday.

More crowd shots.

I didn't have 30 candles, so we made do with as many as I had.

And I didn't even use the trick candles that I had. (You can thank me later, Eddie)

After a bit, Rominal and Bailey danced for everyone. Steve has a video of this and I hope to post it at some point.

It was amusing to everyone.

Then Rominal decided to show everyone another dance, at least that's what he called it.

Steve had to show us one too.

Then Bailey and Brittany did the Cupid Shuffle.

And before long, Rominal had joined in on that too.

And the cutest party attendee award goes to Juvy's daughter.

She seemed to have a good time too.

Happy Birthday Eddie! I hope you had a wonderful time!