Saturday, November 20, 2010

High School Football

This morning, we loaded up the car and took these two critters out to see a high school football game.

You might not be aware, but here in Texas, apparently high school football is a big deal.

As this was a playoff game, our high school played in a pretty big stadium.

This one.

Yup - that's the Cowboy's Stadium.

I had never been to the stadium before, so I was quite pleased to get the opportunity to go. Rominal and Bailey had been on a tour there before, so they were familiar with it.

Here's me and Tiffany, my "sometimes daughter."

And Bailey and Tiffany.

Rominal is taking in the sights.

It's hard to believe how big this place is. However, it didn't feel too big. I think that's because during the first half of the game we were sitting pretty close to the field. I imagine I would have a different opinion if we were way up in the highest seats.

We played Cedar Hill today. The last time Guyer High School played them they beat us by 1 point.

It was fun to get caught up in the excitement.

I also love to people watch.

Here's some action shots. I'd like to be able to tell you what's going on here, but I couldn't pull that off.

I think they were chasing the ball.

Guyer High School scored first and maintained the lead throughout the game.

This made our side of the field quite happy.

See how happy we are?

The cheerleaders were cute. This spells, "GHS" in case it's hard for you to see.

Oh - and if you think for a minute that Texas doesn't take their football seriously, let me present this to you.

Several high school games were going to be played at the stadium today. While our game was still going on, the team that would play next came in and sat down.

Notice anything strange or different in the picture below?

The football players had all dyed their hair blond.

Wow. That's commitment.

Time for the half-time show.

And another banner to run through.

At this point we decided to get something to eat and walk to another part of the stadium. This area is behind the seating. It was huge too!

And that TV screen that you have probably heard so much about?

Well, it's big.

Really big. And I have to say, I was surprised at how good the picture was.

Rominal was just so happy to be in the stadium.

Guyer ended up winning, 48-35. Everyone shakes hands after the game.

And we take these two critters home.

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Wow, how cool for them to get a chance to play in that stadium!