Monday, May 23, 2011

Sunday afternoon

Last Sunday some Girl Scout leaders gathered at a private outdoor area for a cookout/pot-luck lunch. We had a great time and I thought I would share some pictures from the trip.

It was a family event, here's Rominal enjoying the day.
5-22-11 (28)

And Bailey and me.
5-22-11 (29)

And Bailey took a good picture of me and Rominal.
5-22-11 (40)

But here's the reason why we were here - for the kids.
5-22-11 (43)

They went canoeing.
5-22-11 (45)

And had a great time.
5-22-11 (46)

5-22-11 (59)

There was giant wild-life to climb on.
5-22-11 (66)

I love taking pictures of Rominal and Bailey when they don't know I'm taking pictures.
5-22-11 (68)

Oops - she caught me.
5-22-11 (69)

5-22-11 (82)

It wasn't long before a seaweed, or should I say, pond-weed fight broke out.
5-22-11 (72)

The weeds were flying!
5-22-11 (77)

They were having such fun!
5-22-11 (85)

5-22-11 (88)

5-22-11 (103)

5-22-11 (105)

Luckily us Mom's stayed pond-weed free.
5-22-11 (115)

It was a beautiful day - we had a great time with great people!

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Donna said...

I loved my Girl Scout Days. I have the best memories of those times and I still keep in touch with some of the girl's that were in my troop. That's a lot of years gone by! It's awesome that Bailey has these experiences. This photo set is so crisp! I love the first shot of Rominal. Such a happy handsome face surrounded by that creamy green bokeh. Great capture Wendy!