Monday, January 9, 2012

Girl Scout Camp - Camp Grady Spruce

I am way behind in my posting.  Sorry about that.  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.

I started looking through my pictures to see what I should have been posting and I was thinking I would post a bunch of pictures to show what I had done since my last post, but I had so many pictures from a Girl Scout camp I attended I thought I would start there.

Early in November, my Girl Scout troop went to Camp Grady Spruce in East Texas. 

Here's Bailey and Tiffany in front of the sign. Grady Spruce 11-4-11 (353)

Grady Spruce is a beautiful location, right on Possum Kingdom Lake. This was the flag ceremony on Saturday night. Grady Spruce 11-4-11 (313)

There were about 125 of us out there. The weather was cold, which I prefer for camping.

Saturday night we (all of us Girl Scouts) were invited to another camp close by where they were going to shoot off fireworks. (sorry, no pictures of this, just wanted to tell the story) We all drove over to the camp and we were treated to one of the best fireworks shows I've seen. I think it was so special because we were so close to where they were shooting them off. It was so beautiful to see the fireworks shooting off over the lake.

On Sunday my two girls (my daughter Bailey and my Girl Scout Tiffany) lead a ceremony called a Scout's Own. Grady Spruce 11-4-11 (330)-edit

It's a special ceremony that the girls come up with on their own. I couldn't have been more proud of them. They were the oldest girls at this camp and all of the younger girls really looked up to them. They did a fantastic job.

Here's a picture from their ceremony - everyone is in a friendship circle around the flagpole. Grady Spruce 11-4-11 (335) It was the perfect ending to a wonderful weekend.

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Donna said...

Sounds like a wonderful time and what a great experience for you girls to share together! It's so awesome that Bailey is part of such a terrific group of young women. Glad you are back Wendy! I was checking on ya!