Sunday, January 29, 2012

Girl Scout Camp

I got to spend this last weekend with a bunch of Girl Scout leaders and their daughters.  What a fun time we had!

We arrived on Friday to spend the weekend with our daughters. 

Saturday morning, those who were interested went horseback riding.  So of course, Bailey and I did this.  We had great ride through the trees and beautiful area. 

Here's the barn as we walked up to it. So beautiful!


And here's Bailey on her horse, ready to ride.


This was our sleeping arrangements for the weekend. Not quite the Hilton, but it was just fine.


Bailey was the oldest Girl Scout there, and she led the girls in several activities. Here they are in front of the building we stayed in.


This was our youngest Girl Scout for the weekend. So adorable!


Saturday night we had a spa night. For those who were brave enough, this meant a home made facial.


Some girls opted for manicures!


On Sunday morning, Bailey led the girls in the Scout's Own ceremony. The girls celebrated a mother's love and the mother/daughter bond.


We had such a wonderful time, and the weekend went by so quickly.


We have Bailey and Michelle to thank for such a fantastic weekend.  Bailey helped Michelle plan the event and they had a great time together.  Michelle looks young enough to be one of the girls, but she really is one of the moms.


They both worked very hard to make a special weekend for us all. 


Donna said...

Thanks for sharing your lovely weekend! What a lovely place and I love horseback a slow steady pace...! The close up portrait of the young girl scout is gorgeous! Great capture Wendy!

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