Saturday, June 23, 2012

Arkansas Trip

Hello.  Yes, sorry, it has been a while.

So, summer has started here.  Bailey has already spent her first week as a summer camp counselor at the Girl Scout camp.  She goes again tomorrow for another week.

During her week off, we took a trip with my Mom to Bella Vista, Arkansas.  It was beautiful. 

Since I haven't posted in such a long time, I'm going to blast you with a ton of pictures.  You have been warned.

We stayed in a condo while in Bella Vista. This was the living area. Arkansas June 17-21 (8)

This was the (straight out of the 1980's but still impressive) master bathroom. Arkansas June 17-21 (11)

We had instant drama when we got there because there was a HUGE cricket in the tub. It took a lot of thought and planning to capture said cricket and release him into the wild. Arkansas June 17-21 (24)

The neighbors came out to greet us on our first day as well. Very nice! Arkansas June 17-21 (28)

More from the condo. Arkansas June 17-21 (35)

Mom enjoying the back deck. Arkansas June 17-21 (53)

Our second day we went to Crystal Bridges Museum in Bentonville, Arkansas. It's a very new museum started by the daughter of Sam Walton of Wal-Mart fame. The building and surrounding area is beautiful and they have trails that surround the area as well. This would have been so nice with water coming down, but it was dry that day.
Arkansas June 17-21 (59)

Arkansas June 17-21 (61)

Mom and Bailey at lunch. Arkansas June 17-21 (68)

The ceiling in the lunch area. I loved all of the wood. Arkansas June 17-21 (66)

Taken during our walk around the grounds of the museum. Arkansas June 17-21 (72)

Show me some love please. Arkansas June 17-21 (75)

Arkansas June 17-21 (85)

Arkansas June 17-21 (88)

I just loved this bird house.
Arkansas June 17-21 (99)

Mom, Bailey and Rominal.
Arkansas June 17-21 (102)

Bailey, Rominal and me.
Arkansas June 17-21 (106)

I have a thing for pigs, so I really liked this one. Arkansas June 17-21 (111)

Arkansas June 17-21 (115)

The museum is set so that you walk around a "lake" while looking at the art inside.  Very nice.
Arkansas June 17-21 (128)

For dinner that night, we went to the town of Bentonville. These next couple of pictures were from their town square. Arkansas June 17-21 (140)

Yum, looks like salad. Arkansas June 17-21 (154)

The next day we drove out to Eureka Springs, Arkansas and spent the day out there. Arkansas June 17-21 (198)

It's a fun little town with lots of shops to see. Arkansas June 17-21 (202)

Rominal was having a good time. Arkansas June 17-21 (204)

We had breakfast here while we sat outside on the deck and watched the people go by. Very nice and relaxing. Arkansas June 17-21 (212)

Rominal liked this little chapel, especially in contrast to the next one we saw. Arkansas June 17-21 (193)

One of the things we wanted to see while in Eureka Springs was the Thorncrown Chapel. It was stunning.
Arkansas June 17-21 (175)

I don't know the people in this picture, but I loved how they looked so reflective. Arkansas June 17-21 (177)

This chapel was designed by the architect E. Fay Jones.
Arkansas June 17-21 (179)

This was all wood, I think.
Arkansas June 17-21 (181)

Arkansas June 17-21 (185)

The path to and from the chapel was lovely too. Arkansas June 17-21 (188)

I had read about the Onyx Cave online which was close by, so we went there as well. Arkansas June 17-21 (216)

As caves go, it was pretty hokey, but we made the best of it. Arkansas June 17-21 (218)

It was nice and cool in the cave, which was a nice change from the heat above ground. Arkansas June 17-21 (226)

This picture is really dark, but it shows our view from the back deck. Arkansas June 17-21 (239)

On our last day in town, we explored more of Bella Vista. They have a chapel there that was also designed by E. Fay Jones. This is the Mildred B. Cooper Memorial chapel and we liked it a bit better than the Thorncrown, although it is less well known.
Arkansas June 17-21 (256)

We had the place to ourselves for a bit.
Arkansas June 17-21 (268)

Bailey enjoying the building.
Arkansas June 17-21 (270)

Arkansas June 17-21 (272)

There was a nice walk around the area that we did.  It's hard to see through the thick trees, but there's a lake on the right.
Arkansas June 17-21 (276)

I loved the thick bark on this tree.
Arkansas June 17-21 (280)

After lunch, we decided to do something very out of Rominal's comfort zone.  We rented a boat and toured Loch Lomond.  Rominal even drove the boat for a bit. (Notice that he's wearing his life vest)
Arkansas June 17-21 (281)

It was a very peaceful lake, surrounded by beautiful homes.
Arkansas June 17-21 (282)

Arkansas June 17-21 (290)

We stopped for a bit so that Bailey could dip her feet into the water.
Arkansas June 17-21 (304)

We saw this heron on the shore.
Arkansas June 17-21 (320)

I had fun driving the boat as well!
Arkansas June 17-21 (338)

We left the next morning to drive home. 

Someone was quite pleased to see us.
Arkansas June 17-21 (364)

Last night we went to see a Coldplay concert in Dallas.  We bought these tickets back in December as part of Bailey's Christmas and birthday present.  It was a fantastic concert and we had a great time. 

Bailey leaves for another week of camp tomorrow and the fun just keeps on going.


Donna @ My Sweet Things said...

Wendy!! Your photos are rockin! That portrait of your mom is gorgeous! So is the portrait of Rominal. I giggled when I saw him driving that boat. What a trooper! That condo seems like a sweet place to stay. I would never think to vacation in Arkansas but it sure is lovely country! Some of your photos should be in tourist brochures. The capture of the couple in that gorgeous chapel is spot on.
I love Coldplay! I wanted to see them here in Atlanta but missed the concert they had in the park. It's so awesome that you get to vacation with your mom. I really miss mine. The kitty photo at the end is the sweetest. It makes me smile. Shine on girl! I'm so thrilled to see you work your camera!

Anonymous said...
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Dillypoo said...

We drove through Arkansas on our trip to Ohio a week ago. We wanted to see Crystal Bridges but just didn't have time to stop. Maybe on next year's road trip!