Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Beep, Beep!

Do you have the Mario Kart for the Wii system? My brother, Eddie, is staying with us and he brought the Mario Kart game that you play on the Wii. Last night, we played via the interwebs with my brother-in-law John. It was tons of fun, but I suggest that you don't play this game right before you go to bed. I was all wound up and as I lay in bed trying to fall asleep, all I could hear was the beeps and sounds from the racing game.

We played 6 games last night, me and Eddie here in Texas and John in another state.

The first three games I played - I came in third each time. WAH! Then I got smart and handed my controls off to my 13-year old daughter who then played the second set of games disguised as me. Bailey actually won one of the next three games.

So, John, in case you were wondering, I didn't miraculously get better - I just got a smarter operator.

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