Thursday, July 16, 2009


We took Bailey to camp again last Sunday. At this camp she will be taught the basics of sailing. Which means that she will be in the water a lot. Which is good, because it was only 104 outside - no big deal.

Bailey and Rominal set up her mosquito netting, and get her bed all set up. There's no air conditioning there. I feel for her!

Once her bed was all set up, we walked about 10 feet to the troop house, which was overlooking the lake.

It was beautiful.

Although it was hot, did I mention that already? And I mean really hot. It took me most of the drive home before I finally cooled off.

Here's Bailey in front of what was her home for the last several days. I hope she's been drinking tons of water!

And what were we doing this week while she was gone? Well, I wish I could say that we have had all kinds of fun, but I just got back from getting a root canal. I've been fighting the pain all week, and broke down today and finally got it done. I get so nervous and scared before any dentist appointment that my blood pressure shoots way up. It was 150 over 100 when I first got in the chair today. The doctor almost wouldn't do the surgery because of my blood pressure being so high. I talked her into letting me sit there for a bit and they kept taking it and it eventually went down enough that she performed the root canal. At least I should be able to sleep through the night tonight without pain.

I'm looking forward to getting Bailey tomorrow to hear all about her trip and her experiences. I plan on bringing her a big drink filled with lots of ice to cool her off.

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Dad said...

At least you know she'll actually be sailing, instead of wandering around some big city, or visiting the Science Museum. :-)