Thursday, July 9, 2009

Do you have a Clock?

My husband and I play this funny game. We have a clock. And by a clock I mean a special clock. This clock displays icons depending on what the weather will be. Some of them are confusing, for example the picture from today. Sunny with a flashing up arrow. What could that possibly mean? I'm sure it means it will get even hotter - GAD!

The flash makes it difficult to see, but the outdoor temperature is 92.5, not 32.5. That would be weird - but really nice.

It also helps to have a very old horse cross-stitch on the clock. I'm not sure what role it plays, but I'm sure it helps.

Anyway, the game we like to play is that we will watch the weather forecast and then look at the clock to see who is right, the weather forecaster or the clock. Yesterday the clock said rain, as indicated by clouds dropping "down" arrows again and again. However, the weather forecasters said sun and heat, all week long - not a single drop of rain. Well, yesterday when I got home this is what the sky looked like.

A rainstorm passed west of us and it even ended up hailing in downtown Dallas, which is about an hour away from our house. We did not see one drop of rain though. Rominal views the rain in the area as proof that the clock was once again all-knowing. I however contend (and I admit I do this just to egg him on a bit) that the rain must actually be at our house, since that's where the clock is. After all, what good is a clock that tells you what the weather is in the next city? Do the people in the city next to ours have a clock showing what the weather in my city is doing? I want to know what happens in our city. We go round and round on this issue.

Have I mentioned how much Rominal likes to argue? Yeah, well, he will argue with a door knob.

So, this morning again the clock said rain and there even was a line of showers heading our way. They were actually close to our house this time, but they would fizzle out before they got to us. I went home for lunch and it was sprinkling ever so slightly as I was driving home. It sprinkled on the street next to our street, but once I turned down our street it dried up. I was feeling very triumphant until Bailey confirmed that it had sprinkled at our house that morning. I reluctantly told Rominal the news.

So, our question is, why don't the weather forecasters just get a clock? The weather forecast would be so much more accurate if they had one.

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