Sunday, October 11, 2009

State Fair of Texas!

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, Dad. I’m saying this to Dad since he has pointed out to me several times how sad it is that each day he comes to my blog and reads the very same entry, again and again.

Anyway – guess what time it is? It’s my annual State Fair of Texas post! Click here to see what we did and ate last year.

Our friends, Donna, Mark and their daughter Brittany came along with us. We were originally supposed to go to the fair tomorrow, because Monday is Columbus day and the kids are out of school. We all scheduled vacation days for Monday. In addition, Oprah is going to be there on Monday and I am a big fan and wanted to see her film her show.

However, I love, and by love I mean cherish my “last day of the weekend day,” which is usually a Sunday. I love to hang around the house (preferably in my pajamas) on the day before I have to go back to work for the week. It’s a day to get up early before anyone else does, have a cup of coffee and read the paper in peace. It’s a day to catch up on laundry. It’s a day to watch football. Oh, wait – that’s Rominal’s reason for liking Sundays.

Anyway – if we had gone to the fair on Monday, that would have meant that I would have missed my “last day of the weekend day.” So, we decided to go today, thus leaving us tomorrow as our day to recuperate and be our “last day of the weekend day.” I knew I would miss seeing Oprah, but I didn’t think we’d get too close to her anyway. Well, I was wrong! She and her friend Gayle were there. And we saw them!

Here they were filming in front of Big Tex.

Here they are ordering a Fletchers Corny Dog. Good choice Oprah!

And much later we were walking through a building and noticed a gathering. They were all waiting for Oprah and Gayle to come out of a room and go to their awaiting cars. Here they are leaving the building.

Ok – so enough Oprah talk. Let’s discuss the food we ate, shall we? Because after all, the State Fair of Texas has a reputation.

All of the food talk this year was about the new food item at the fair – the fried butter. Well, despite being a tad scared, we knew we had to try it. It was good. It was like a very buttery roll. They came 4 fried butters to an order, so we split that amongst us – so we figured we probably only ate about a stick of butter each. I’m kidding – probably only a ½ a stick!

Then we moved on to Fletchers Corny dogs – but we ate those so quickly that I forgot to take a picture of those. They are always good though. Of course Rominal had to get Jack’s French fries.

We also had a fried grilled cheese sandwich – which I enjoyed, but Donna got a bite that didn’t have any cheese – so she was not pleased.

The other food item that was all of the buzz was the fried peaches and cream.

We weren’t as happy with these. The peaches were hard (maybe they had to be to hold up to the frying) and the batter fell off. They weren’t worth the long wait in line we had to get them.

Bailey had a pickle, and it wasn't even fried!

While Brittany ate a turkey leg - again, not even fried!

Donna had a nasty looking chili dog

And I had some buttered corn on the cob.

Can you tell how much Rominal is loving this day?

Mark found a relaxing chair - he looks quite comfortable.

The girls road some rides, we looked at a ton of stuff for sale, and we saw lots of cars. We would probably still be at the fair now, except that it started pouring down rain. We got drenched. And drenched doesn't even begin to describe how wet we were when we finally got to our car. It didn't matter, we were laughing the entire way.

I'm hoping that all of the walking we did will off-set the calories consumed. We were at the fair from 10:00am until 5:30 - and we were mostly walking the entire day.
Another successful and fun trip to the fair. I can't wait to go again! Eddie - you should have been there!


David Kovsky said...

Dad goes to your blog every day? Dad, have you ever heard of a feed reader?

Wendy said...

David - A faithful reader would check just in case the feed reader missed something.