Monday, October 19, 2009

My weekend!

I had the best weekend ever. Seriously. The best weekend ever.

So, I should mention that today is my birthday. As part of my birthday celebration, my husband said that we could do whatever I wanted - which was why my weekend was so wonderful.
It was such a good weekend that it will become the subject of several posts - just to tease everyone along.

It started on Friday. I received a case of POMWonderful 100% Pomegranate juice from the great people at POMWonderful because of my blog. How exciting is that? I was really quite flattered.

Anyway, I opened up a bottle Saturday morning just to have a quick taste and quickly drank the whole thing. It was really good - not too tart and not too sweet - just perfect. I have had their tea before, and really enjoyed it too. You can check them out at POMWonderful. They have lots of good recipes there as well.

I think tonight I will be trying to make some kind of chicken/pomegranate concoction. If it turns out well, I'll post about it later on.

So, back to my weekend . . .

Bailey had plans to spend the night with her close friend Brittany on Saturday, so we dropped her off and Rominal and I headed to Northpark Mall in Dallas. It had been a while since we had been there and it was a nice change. We had lunch outside (the weather here has been perfect - a slight chill in the air, but still sunny). After lunch I got a new pair of shoes, and then we were pleased to find that a group we have heard before, Mass Ensemble, was playing there during the day. I wrote about them back in April - that post is here. We were able to hang around and hear them, which was nice.

After that we went and got my birthday present (which I will save to talk about in another post), and then Rominal took me to see his office in Downtown Dallas. My brother, Eddie, was working that day so I got to see him as well. On the way home we stopped here,

And got these. . . Oh yeah baby! Sprinkles Cupcakes.

There's nothing like a strawberry cupcake for breakfast. And maybe another cupcake for lunch, and who's gonna say anything if you have one after dinner. Makes me want one now.

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Reading Allowed said...

happy happy happy birthday! I don't see anything wrong with a cupcake for every meal on your birthday!