Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mass Ensemble

I'm traveling now for work - I'm in Phoenix, and wouldn't you know it, today they are supposed to hit above 100 degrees today for the first time. That's just too hot.

So - since I'm pressed for time, here's some more from last weekend.

At the Main Street Arts Festival in Fort Worth on Saturday, we saw the group Mass Ensemble perform. They play an instrument called the earth harp. Three people were actually playing it when we were listening.

The strings of the earth harp went way out above everyone's heads. They had weights on them at different places on each string.

Unfortunately, you can't see the strings in this picture, but they are connected to the top of the 3 story white building.

The music was very interesting, and the harp just catches your interest. Here's a YouTube clip of one of their performances from another show.

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