Wednesday, April 29, 2009

More of David

This post is brought on by my brother David's comment, to the post about his birthday on Monday. In case you missed it, this was his comment:

Thanks! I can't believe you didn't include any pictures of how cute I am now!?

I think now is an appropriate time to tell this storey. If you are a member of my family, then I am quite sure that you have heard this before. Please humor me while I tell it again.

Back in the days before digital cameras, whenever David would come to visit us he would always sneak my camera away and take some self-portrait. It was a running joke to see what extra pictures we would have mingled in between our family pictures once we got the film developed. They were always of David holding the camera out at arms length and him making some kind of a funny face. He was quite good about taking the pictures as well. I never actually saw him sneak the camera away - we would just see the evidence that he had done it again once we had the film developed. And, because his visits were only a couple of times a year, I would forget about his little habit and would be surprised once again each time I picked up the pictures.

After one of his visits, I dropped off the film at our local grocery store for their one-hour film development. I had more errands to run that day, so I asked my husband to pick up the pictures. Bad idea. Apparently, David had decided to up his self-portrait activities to include a picture of his derriere. I couldn't help but giggle, but Rominal did not find it so funny. He started into a rant which included things like, "anyone could have seen a white guys ass coming off of the photo developing machine," and "there are children at this store!" and "I can never go into this store again!" and "why would a black man want a picture of a white man's hairy ass," and "what is wrong with your brother!"

Luckily, Rominal can now laugh about this and see the humor in it. It also doesn't hurt that we now have a digital camera.

I've kept the aforementioned picture all of these years waiting for just the right time to unveil it to the public. I felt I really took the high road when I did not bring a poster size version of the picture to his wedding last August. I should get rewarded for that.

But now since David is now asking for another picture of just how cute he is, I'm thinking that this might just be the right time.

To unveil

THE picture

Look away if your squeamish

Last chance to look away . . .

Nah, I couldn't do that to you. Here's David at his wedding. You owe me one David.


Mom (Suzie) said...

Well, I almost quit reading because I know the story--and didn't want to see the picture! But I read on, laughed a lot, and was pleased to see the wedding picture! Where did my kids get their weird sense of humor???

Dad said...

"Where did my kids get their weird sense of humor???"

I don't get it, either, all four of my kids seem to have this same weird sense of humor. Where could it have come from?