Thursday, June 10, 2010

Road Trip - Part 3

Wow - what a couple of days we have had. Right now I am sitting in the Jackson Lake Lodge because that's the only place that has internet service. Rominal is trying to do some school work and I thought I would post a couple of pictures.

So - a couple of nights ago we stayed at Colter Bay in the Grand Tetons. Unfortunately, the weather has not been that great. It has rained every afternoon we have been here.

That didn't stop us from taking a little stroll through the woods along the lake. Here's Rominal and Bailey. And of course, I've taken this picture from behind because I love how it's not posed.

This is the rustic cabin we stayed in. Emphasis on rustic. It rained during the night and hearing the rain on the tin roof was nice.

We saw this critter along the road. I'm not using a telephoto lens here either - we were this close to the deer.

Many of the hiking trails were either closed, or had this warning posted. Kinda scary. I'm still ever so hopeful to see a bear while we are here though. People keep telling me that they saw one.

Here's a rare moment when the clouds cleared and we could see the tops of the Tetons. For the longest time, Rominal and Bailey didn't believe me when I told them that there were mountains there.

Bailey took this picture of me and Rominal.

There's so much more to tell - and I've taken over 700 pictures so far. Tomorrow we start the drive back home, stopping along the way. I should be able to post more tomorrow night.

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Donna said...

Wendy!! Tin Roof Rusted! Love Shack?!
Your photos are so great! Bailey took a great shot of you and Rominal. It's Gorgeous!! What a great adventure!