Saturday, June 26, 2010

Some help please . . .

A while back I told you a bit about my upcoming trip to England. In case you missed it, here's the link.

So, yesterday in the mail we got these.

Yes, there are three passports. We went ahead and got one for Rominal, even though it will just be me and Bailey going to England. We thought it would be a good idea for Rominal to have one in case he had to come bail us out of jail while we are there.

So, here's what I'm asking of anyone who is reading this. What would you pack for a two week trip across the pond? Keep in mind that we will be camping for one week somewhere in/near Cambridge, and I believe that the Girl Guides (England's version of Girl Scouts) will be supplying us with sleeping bags and tents, so we don't have to worry about that. The other week we will be staying at Pax Lodge, a Girl Scout World Center. It is similar to a dorm, meaning we will be sharing bathrooms with other guests. During this week, we will be traveling on our own.

We need to pack as lightly as possible, but also be prepared for weather - mostly rain, I think. One person has suggested that we shouldn't bring jeans because if they get wet it will take them forever to dry.

Do you have any favorite pants for traveling? One friend of mine suggested a kind that can be washed out at night and dries quickly while you are sleeping. Do you have a special backpack that you would suggest? I'm thinking something that is very lightweight to use just for sightseeing during the day - something that would hold my money, passports, camera, etc.

I believe I need a power converter - but do you have any suggestions regarding that?

This is my first time out of the country (except for a quick trip to Mexico where I just walked across the border and back), so any hints or suggestions you have are welcome.

I'm thinking I will bring my old camera because it is smaller and lightweight. I love my new camera, I just don't want to risk losing or damaging it while we are there.

Do we have to get any special shots? Bailey is current on all of her shots, and I must be too - I guess.

When we are walking around, do I carry our passports with me at all times or do I leave it back at the Lodge? Since Bailey doesn't have her driver's license yet, should I carry her birth certificate with me?

Yes, so many questions. In the meantime, I'll go back to doing laundry. As you can see, Twister is helping out today.

Well, maybe he's not.


Laurie said...

black stretchy pants.... I backpacked around Europe for a month about 10 years ago and black stretchy pants with cotton breathable tops were my uniform! Also the more black you wear= the more European you look=)

Reading Allowed said...

Don't carry your passport with you. As much as it sucks to have your purse stolen it will suck 1000x worse if your passport is in it. They should have a safe for you to keep it in where you're staying. Leave birth certificates at home in the US, passport should be all the ID you need.

Finally, bring your nice camera! What is the point of a nice camera if not to take pictures with it? That's like having a Mercedes but not using it for road trips because you don't want to put miles on it. You bought the camera to use so use it!

and have fun :) :)

Donna said...

So exciting Wendy! Here are some tips from our long trip we took earlier this year to Germany. Make photo copies of your passport and keep them in a few different places. I carried just a regular small backpack and did not take a purse. I purchase this awesome underwear. I only took two pair on a 10 day trip. ExOfficio from REI. They are wicking and dry very fast. I wore a pair, washed them at night. They dry in a few hours. They are a bit pricey for underwear but worth every penny. I only took one carry one so I had to pack really smart. Smart Wool socks. If you don't have a pair, you need some. Wicking as well and dry super quick. I only took two pair with me. I wear both items on my hiking trips as well and stay dry. Best part about Smart Wool socks is no smelly feet. Really! They keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. I did carry my passport around with me since I had my backpack on at all times. Take your fancy camera! You will miss it if you don't. I take mine hiking!:)
We brought adapters for the outlets but did not need them where we stayed. Keep hydrated on the plane. It helps with jet lag. I had no problems. Oh, packing. Crazy but I watched a video on how to pack and learned all sorts of tips I did not know. Lay pants out across the length of your suitcase and put all items inside and fold pants over when you are done. It saved room. I also rolled my shirts instead of folded. Jeez, this is long. I'll let you know if I think of anything else!

Wendy said...

Thank you for the tips everyone! Laurie, I like the idea of blending in. :-) Although with the girls following me around, not sure how much blending we will actually do.

Reading Allowed (wink) - I know I should take my camera, it's just so heavy to lug around all day. I'm about to go on line to look at backpacks that would essentialy be my purse, but must also carry my camera.

Donna - I think I will order a pair of underware to try them out. I started looking through REI's website and saw some pants I might order too. I love your packing idea! I never would have thought of putting the pants on the bottom - that's great! Oh - and I'll look up the smart wool socks too. Since I have a bit of time I wanted to order anything on line that I could.

Keep the ideas coming! You guys are great!

Jessica said...

Aunt Peggy told me to come and tell you my best advice. When my mom and I went to Europe, she had one of those bags in a bag. It starts out compressed so its maybe six inches, but as you go souvenir shopping you can open it and it turns into a duffel bag. Don't take a huge suitcase because I can guarantee after a couple of days lugging it around and taking it off bus after bus you'll wish you hadn't packed so damn much.

If you don't take enough clothes to change into everyday, pack a small travel shampoo bottle filled with laundry detergent.

I always thought you should carry your passport with you, but in those little pouches you're supposed to wear under your shirt against your skin. But this comes from when we were in Italy and they kept stressing "DO NOT LEAVE YOUR PASSPORT ANYWHERE HAVE IT ON YOU ALWAYS OR IT WILL BE STOLEN"

Mom (Suzie) said...

I suggest you check out the bags at