Monday, December 6, 2010

A weekend in Paris (Paris, Texas that is)

This last weekend, me and Bailey (above) went to a Leader-Daughter Girl Scout camp. We had the best time together.

The camp was near a small town - Paris, Texas. Saturday morning we did a scavenger hunt through their old cemetery. The girls were looking for unusual items on the headstones.

It was a beautiful day and some of the headstones were amazing. Here's a baby lamb.

Another monument.

The statue below has an interesting story. It's of Jesus and the person carving the statue passed away before the monument was finished. The person who finished the monument didn't know how to carve sandals or feet so he put Jesus wearing cowboy boots.

I liked these headstones. They say a lot without saying much.

This wasn't part of the scavenger hunt, but we did find Waldo.

The headstones for children broke my heart.

Such detail.

These date back to 1887 in the case of the one below.

They have held up very well over time.

I thought this tree was interesting as well.

Here's the camp site where we stayed.

Here's the inside of our building.

The property had a very small lake as well.

Bailey made for a good subject as I practice taking pictures.

There were tons of leaves around to play in. There are 4 girls in the picture below - can you find them all?

Bailey made this blanket while we were there. It kept her very warm that night.

Bailey was the oldest girl there, and she enjoyed playing with the younger girls. She was so good with the younger kids and very helpful. I was so proud of her.

The kids played tag among other things.

Saturday night was a big parade through Paris. The Chamber of Commerce had arranged for us to ride on an old trolley in the parade. Here we are on the back of it.

The younger brother of a Girl Scout was on the trip too. Ethan and Bailey really had a good time together.

There was room for some of the girls to sit in the front window of the trolley as well.

These local girls were all dressed up for the parade as well.

I was amazed at how big this parade was. The picture below is from the staging area where all of the cars, trucks, and motorcycles were getting ready to start the parade.

Even the Grinch was there.

The fire engine was all decked out too. There were so many people in the parade that I couldn't believe that there would be anyone left to watch the parade!

All of the cars below are part of the parade.

Finally it was time for the parade to start. A high school band followed us during the parade.

People lined the parade route the entire way, despite how cold it was outside.

Bailey and Kendal were having a blast.

This is Beth, the Girl Scout leader who had made this weekend possible. She's amazing. I honestly don't think she ever sleeps. She wanted the Girl Scout leaders to be able to spend a special weekend with their daughters and that's exactly what we did. I can't thank her enough.

The girls dressed as Whooville people walked a bit of the parade behind our trolley.

Our kids were having a blast inside the trolley.

The parade lasted at least an hour. It was very special to be a part of this small town tradition.


Donna said...

Oh my goodness what fun! The girls heads in the leaves is too cute and I love the shot of Bailey looking down in front of the water. She's a natural beauty! I love small town parades and I giggled when you said the parade had so many participants there might not be anyone to watch!
Sounds like a GREAT start to the Holiday Season!

Reading Allowed said...

I love the shot of Bailey in front of the water!

Those headstones are heartbreaking, I got all teary-eyed looking at them.