Saturday, August 6, 2011

Delivering Cookies

So, I haven't blogged in a while. I just haven't had much to say I guess.

It's hot here in Texas. Very hot. We have had over 30 days in a row with temperatures over 100 degrees. If we stay above 100 through next Saturday, and it looks like we will, this will be the longest streak of 100 degree days on record.

Did I mention it was hot here?

Today Bailey and I delivered cookies. A lot of cookies.

Last week I made two batches of these cookies. They are my Mother and my Grandfather's favorite cookie. The recipe makes a lot of cookies too.

I put them in the freezer and let them chill, then I bag them up in freezer bags so that my Mom and Grandfather can pull out 9 cookies at a time. Once they have defrosted, they taste fresh baked.

Here's what they look like in individual bags.
8-6-11 (2)

At first I thought I could use my little cooler to transport the cookies, but as you can see, they wouldn't fit.
8-6-11 (6)

I had to use my large cooler.
8-6-11 (8)

Mom is most pleased to find all of these cookies. She took half of the cookies and she is so disciplined that she can make these last a long time. She will eat just two a day. I wish I had that kind of will power!
8-6-11 (12)

After we delivered cookies to my Mom, we took cookies to my Grandfather.

My Grandfather, and my late Grandmother, have been ever so lucky to have a woman named Gloria help them out on a daily basis. Gloria has been such a blessing to us. When my Grandmother was alive, she loved to look at family pictures. She and Gloria spent countless hours going through tons of family albums. Gloria now knows more about our family than I'm sure she cares to know.

It takes a very special person to care for the elderly, and luckily for us, we found her. We are thankful every day that Gloria is a member of our family.

Here's my mother, my daughter Bailey, and Gloria along with my Grandfather.
8-6-11 (22)edit

Grandpa is now 91 or 92 years old. Yes, I should know for sure, but it's late here and I can't call my mom to verify his age this late at night.

8-6-11 (23)-edit

My Grandparents owned a toy distribution company that they had started from the ground up. They worked very hard, but they always had time for family. Grandpa was especially good at magic tricks, and he always managed to found a quarter behind our ears when we would visit.

8-6-11 (16)-edit

He did so much for me and every member of our family, I am ever so happy to make him cookies.


Donna said...

Love that last portrait shot! My grandfather's hobby was magic. I remember sitting on his lap and he would perform card and coin tricks. I have the best memories of him. I have not tried to freeze cookies but it's a wonderful idea! I always have a sweet tooth and this would be a nifty way to have my cookies without having to pull out the Kitchen Aid each time I want quick treat! Glad to see you are getting your blogging mojo back. I sometimes lose mine too!

Anonymous said...


These pictures are very special, but so are you words and memories re: your grandparents.

Special would describe you too.