Saturday, August 27, 2011

More home construction

School started here this week. Bailey was most excited about it. She's a sophmore this year.

I always take a picture of her on the first day of school, so here's this year's picture.

First day of school (2)-edit

Isn't she adorable!

But, this post is about floors.

This is our old dining room.
new floors (1)
In the picture above you can see Bailey and our nephew, Raylon. Raylon is living with us while he attends the University of North Texas. His older brother lived with us a couple of years ago, so it was his turn now. Bailey is enjoying having a brother around.

This is my office, which is officially supposed to be a formal living area, I guess.
new floors (4)
Let's see how many pictures Twister can get into.

And here's our family room. Please ignore the mess.
new floors (6)

One more picture looking from the family room, back towards the dining room and my office.
new floors (7)

This week we replaced the carpet in our downstairs areas and put in wood floors.

Here's my new dining room.
new floors (34)

This is from my office, looking through the dining room and into the family room.
new floors (35)

Here's the family room. Yes, there's football on the tv.
There's ALWAYS football on the tv.
new floors (42)

This is looking into my office from my dining room.
new floors (49)

You can see two computer monitors on my desk because I'm working this weekend. Hurricane Irene has me hopping.
There's still a fine layer of dust on everything in my house from the construction. I'll get it all up eventually. Yeah, right!


Peggy said...

I love your new floors!!! They look so rich. Are you loving them?

Donna said...

Love Bailey's first day photo. She is a natural beauty! The floors look great! I am a fan of the hardwoods. The Swiffer is much quicker and easier to handle than the vacuum cleaner. Wendy, I still found dust from my stair fiasco a few weeks ago and I have cleaned and mopped several times! Good luck with that. :)