Sunday, August 21, 2011

Home Improvements? And a little help please . . .

This summer will go down as the summer that was almost as hot as the record summer in 1980. It's been miserably hot here. I can't wait for cooler weather. I'm really 100% OVER summer.

This summer will also be memorable to us as the summer we did some home repairs.

One of the storms that hit us back in early June caused us some roof damage, caused some of our windows leaked, and caused some ceiling damage in our bedroom where the roof leaked.

Since we had to have our bedroom ceiling repaired, we decided to take this opportunity to have our bedroom painted.

I should explain how everything happened though. We knew who our contractor was going to be, we just weren't sure when he was going to be available. So, one day during lunch I was running through Wal-Mart with my coworker and we stopped by the paint section and I picked out four paint swatches that I liked. Then I put them in my purse and didn't really think about them again for a while.

Then one Tuesday I get a call from my contractor saying that he will come out the next day to do the work.

Did I go out and get more paint swatches? Did I go out and look at paint selections any more? Did I even spend more than five minutes reviewing the choices I had in my purse? The answer to all of these questions would be a big NO.

So, now that you have the background story, let me show you some pictures.

This is our bedroom.
house work (12)

When we moved into this house this was the first room I painted (thus the bad edging job).

Here's the other half of our bedroom, and Twister of course.
house work (15)

I should point out that these pictures were taken early in the morning. Our bedroom gets the morning sun and therefore the color looks much brighter than it would have at night.

I should also point out that I don't think my room is ever this clean.

One more picture - Twister was upset that he wasn't in the first picture so he had me take this one.
house work (17)

Ok - so now you know how our bedroom used to look. Now, keep in mind that I spent about five minutes reviewing paint color choices. And I never even read the paint names on the paint chips. This would prove to be a critical mistake.

Here's our room now. And these pictures were taken at night, so the room is a bit more subdued than it might be in the morning sun.

house work (28)

I've changed out the coverlet, and the pillows to try to blend with the new room color.

We are not thrilled with the paint color (the paint job was great, just my bad color choice). However, we are not about to have the room repainted, nor am I going to repaint the room myself. It's too hot here and I'm too old.

house work (34)

And I should have known better than to stick with this paint when our contractor started laughing at the name of the paint, "Sweet baby boy."

So here's where you come in. I love the iron piece we have on the wall. It was from my Grandmother. I like how it stands out more with the blue paint than it did with the brown. I thought I would play off of the blue and black theme when I chose the black throw blanket and pillows.

However, when Rominal came home one night and saw the new bedding, he just laughed. He is not a fan of the new look. Luckily for me he is an incredibly good sport and is not fussing at all. Apparently he never liked the brown paint either. His comment was that he lived in the brown room for 8 years, he can live in the baby blue room for 8 years too.

He is thinking we need dark blue bedding. I guess I'm stuck on the white bedding because fist of all, I just bought it, and second because my initial plan was to have the faintest of blue color on the walls. I wanted the color to be so soft that it almost looked white, and then have nice peaceful white bedding to go with it.

Well, you can se what happened.

So, any suggestions on how to make this work?

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Donna said...

I have that same ceiling fan! I am loving the blue paint and the white bedding. I painted my bedroom tan last year and I am so changing it to a blue/gray color scheme. Add some decor to the toss pillows. Rosettes or ribbon would be great it would add some color and texture to them. Maybe place two iron candle sconces on either side of that gorgeous iron piece. I like how you have lighting sconces but the end tables need something with some height. A large mirror above the bed would be nice. Are you on Pinterest? So many great ideas I have pinned on my board. Houzz website is also great for inspiration. Have fun with it. You have a great start!