Thursday, March 26, 2009

Funny Story

So, Bailey has done quite well with her new contacts. All up until Tuesday. Tuesday night she went into her bathroom to take out her contacts. After a while, she came to me and said that she had gotten one of her contacts out but she couldn't get the other one out. I told her that she had to learn to do this on her own (and she has been, I haven't helped her once) and to go try again. More time passed and she came back to me, one eye clearly bloodshot and irritated.

Bailey - I still can't get it, Mom.
Me - Are you sure you have it in?
Bailey - yes, I think I so. I can feel it moving.

I looked in her eye and I couldn't tell if she had it in or not - her eye was so irritated at this point. I had her get a flashlight and I looked some more and I couldn't see a contact in her eye.

Me - Did you put it in this morning?
Bailey - I think so. I had trouble with it.
Me - What do you mean, you think so? Can't you tell a difference in how you see?
Bailey - No, this is my "good" eye that I can see with.

Poor Bailey has one eye from me and one eye from Rominal, meaning one eye sees pretty clearly (the one from me, thank-you-very-much) and one from Rominal that doesn't see clearly. This is why she wouldn't wear her glasses - she could just read and see out of the one eye and she's gotten by doing that throughout her life. I went into her bathroom and looked around on the floor a bit, then on the towel in front of the mirror where she puts her contacts in. Sure enough, there was the dried up contact from the morning. She had never gotten it in, and she didn't even notice. Worse, she had spent the last 20 minutes or so trying to get the contact out.

So, the next day she had to go to school with one contact, although this time it was on purpose. Luckily, she had an appointment that afternoon to pick up her contacts after the trial of wearing them for a bit. I told the story to the doctor and he looked at her chart again and said, well, maybe she should only wear one. He tested her sight with only one contact in and agreed. So, she has saved us some money since now we will only have to buy contacts for one eye.

I'm happy to report that her "good" eye has recovered from the extra poking and prodding and is just fine.

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