Thursday, March 12, 2009


Bailey wears glasses - or I should say, she should wear glasses. Her eyes are such that one eye is near sighted and one eye is far sighted. She has developed a way that she can switch from eye to eye to read or see clearly. It would be frustrating for me because when I would insist that she wear her glasses, she would complain that, "Mom, I can read." I would then test her on this and sure enough - she could read. However, I know that it wasn't the best for her eyes to be switching back and forth - or actually I don't know this for sure - I just do know that the eye doctors have said that she should wear glasses and since they have the degree and I don't - I'm gonna follow their instructions.

So, after our daily battles regarding her glasses, the begging of, "Mom, can I have contacts" came up pretty quickly. Rominal was completely against it, believing that she is just being vain and glasses are just fine. However, since he has never been a 13 year old girl, he might not understand the complexities and social pressures to fit in. I, on the other hand, was once a 13 year old girl and I do remember how important it was to not stand out from anyone else. One of her main arguments was, "so and so wears them!"

Rominal and I talked some more and he finally gave in, or in reality said - do whatever you want. So, last night Bailey got contacts. It took her a while to get them in for the first time, and then she had to take them out while we were at the doctor's office. They were very patient with her and I think she's going to get the hang of this very quickly. Just to be safe though, she set her alarm clock to go off early this morning so that she could have extra time to put them in before school. Turns out that this was a good thing, she needed that extra time, but she eventually got them in.

So, as she went off to school this morning, I was reminded of how she is growing up so quickly and maturing before my eyes - hee hee, pun intended. Soon putting in and taking out her contacts will be second nature to her - another step towards independence and a big milestone in her life.

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