Wednesday, March 18, 2009


We are traveling this week. It's late here, so this will be a quick post just to update everyone with some pictures. Oh - where are we going? We are going to Scottsdale, Arizona then to the Grand Canyon. We are driving though, so we have a stop in El Paso, Texas on the way there, and a stop in Amarillo, Texas on the way back.

First of all - one of the highlights for Bailey when we check into a hotel is getting to ride on the luggage cart. This is in the hotel in El Paso. But you knew that, right? Don't you recognize it?

We met Rominal's nephew Keenon and his wife, April and their family for dinner. We went to a local Mexican restaurant and had a great time. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera at the restaurant, but here's a picture of Rominal and Keenon in our hotel room. It was great to see them.
On Sunday, we arrived in Scottsdale. Here's our view from our balcony.

We went for a walk around the grounds - and there is lots of wildlife here!
Some is scarier than others. . . It's a good thing Rominal is here to save us.
Here's one of the many pools here. We spent the afternoon here today. I know, it's rough, but someone has to do it!
On Monday, we went to the Heard Museum. It's a museum filled with Native American artifacts. We really enjoyed that.

After the museum, we went to one of Mom's favorite places, MacAlpine's soda shop. We had lunch there.
Then we had one of these . . . Actually, this is a picture of Bailey's root beer float. I forgot to take a picture of Mom's chocolate soda that we really went here for.
Today we went to Taliesin West, Frank Lloyd Wright's home and studio in Scottsdale. It was amazing and I'm so glad that we did the tour.

Here's Mom in front of a sculpture on the grounds.
And here's one of the three of us in front of a beautiful tree.
And finally, one more picture from today. This shows you that you just never know who you might run into while shopping in Scottsdale.

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