Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sedona and Verde Canyon Railroad

Today was a full day. We got up early and drove to Sedona. We went straight to the Chapel of the Holy Cross, which was perched up on a mountain. It was a stunning sight.
Here's the church from the other side.

Here's the view from the chapel. I plan to buy this house at some point in my life - just to tear it down and put a more tasteful house in its place.

Then we had lunch at Heartline Cafe in Sedona. They had the BEST hummus ever! The chicken salad sandwiches were great too! And this cute guy was hanging around outside. And no, the bag in my hand is not a bag of chocolate chip cookies.

Then we drove to Clarkdale to ride the Verde Canyon Railroad. Here's Mom and me on the train. We are inside in our seats for this picture.
This is Rominal and Bailey outside in the viewing car.

Ok - this is a picture of a bald eagle sitting in her nest. It was pretty cool to see - later in the day we saw a young eagle flying around as well.

Here's the three of us back inside the train.

Here's one of the best parts of the train ride, especially for one of our passengers. It's a tunnel. Can you guess who enjoyed this the most?

I bet you guessed Bailey. You'd be wrong.

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Erin said...

Ha! I did and I was!