Friday, May 15, 2009

Diet/Exercise update

Ok - I haven't posted about this in a while - again - so I figure it's time.

I was doing pretty well with the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD. I did it every day for a little over a week. My stomach muscles had that slight tinge of pain when I would move around - the kind of pain that tells you you have done a good workout. I also liked that this DVD works your arms. My arms are pretty weak, and I have those ever-so-lovely bat wings that hang down from your arms, so I liked to think that this DVD would make that all go away. However, despite doing this the scale was not moving in the right direction - it was moving up, which of course, frustrated me.

So, on Monday and every night since, I've gone walking/jogging. There's a program online called (you have to sign up, but Weight watchers is offering a free trial membership) and you can map out your route. My normal route is 2.35 miles and it normally takes me 35-45 minutes - so I think that's a pretty good pace. The best part is that I'm seeing the scale move - in the right direction - despite that I've haven't been eating very well lately. And I mean really not very well. Let's just say it involved a cheeseburger and sweet potato french fries one night (oh yum!) and Arby's another night. And yet, the scale still moved down!

I think I'll still do the Shred DVD occasionally - maybe a couple of times a week, to focus on muscles (or lack of them).

To help me keep my momentum going, last night I went and got some new running shoes, a new sports bra (if only sports bras came in breathable steel) and a top and shorts. Having a "real" workout top made a big difference - I felt much cooler last night when I was out. The new shoes are pretty cool too - I'm still breaking them in, but I think they will work pretty well. My old shoes were over a year old and I've heard that for walking/running it is important to replace them often. Here's a link to my new shoes - mine are a different color, and were much cheaper and I had a coupon! I think I have a slightly older model, but the bottom part of the shoes are so cool looking.

I've got a special play list on my Zune for workout music - stuff that has a good beat, and that helps me keep my pace up, but I'm starting to get bored with the same songs each trip out. I'll have to start playing around with that. Anyone know of any new Lawrence Welk songs out there? Just kidding!

That's about all for my update. I hope everyone has a good weekend!


Mom (Suzie) said...

Good on ya! If only we lived next door to each other, we could walk together each evening.

Wendy said...

Hmmm, and yet we CAN live next door to each other! I have an idea - just buy the house next door to me that is for sale!

Mom (Suzie) said...

Now how did I know you would say that?