Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Home from Las Vegas

We are back from Las Vegas. Actually, we got back Sunday night, and we spent yesterday doing laundry and trying to recover.

We had a great time. Rominal absolutely loved it. He loved seeing all of the buildings and the people. During the day we walked from casino to casino to see all of the sights and then at night we stayed up late to see shows. Las Vegas is not the place to go for a relaxing vacation.

Friday during the day we walked up and down the strip and one of the hotels we went into was Paris. They have a half-scale Eiffel tower and we went up into that. Here's some pictures from that.

This picture was taken from the tower.

Here we are in front of the Bellagio hotel.

Oh - and inside, they had a chocolate shop that had flowing chocolate. It was a good thing it was protected from me behind glass.

We stayed at New York, New York - here's a picture of that. Rominal rode this roller coaster on Saturday. It does loops and corkscrews. I did not ride this.

On Friday night we saw Cirque du Soleil's show Zumanity, which was an adult version of Cirque du Soleil. They had a drag queen for an MC and the show was really funny. We have seen several Cirque shows in the past and we have always enjoyed them, so we had bought the tickets for this show in advance. They had all of the amazing acrobatic performances of a normal Cirque show, just in this version everyone was topless. I am afraid that Rominal will forever be spoiled and expect more from any future Cirque shows we might see.

At the Cirque show, they were taking pictures and since we had dressed up for the show we had our picture taken.

Saturday morning Rominal was looking through a magazine in our hotel room while waiting for me to get ready and he noticed that Lewis Black was playing that night at the Mirage. We really like him and we were quite excited to get tickets for that show. He was hilarious! It was neat to see him in such a small venue - we had excellent seats.

Saturday during the day we took the monorail over to the Sahara hotel and casino and then walked to the Stratosphere. When we got there, they said that the ride Rominal really wanted to ride was closed due to high winds. So, as a second choice, Rominal chose the ride that shoots you up into the sky and bounces you up and down. Here's some pictures as we are walking over to the hotel.

When we got to the top of the tower, we find that it is actually 109 stories tall. I'll give you a minute to take that in. 109 stories tall. That is up there. I don't like heights that much, and this really confirmed it. Once we were up there, we found that the ride Rominal did want to ride (this one)

was going - despite the high winds. To get to the ride he chose as a second choice, we would have to go up another flight, which just seemed a bit much at that point. Here's his second choice:

Those are people up there near the top - screaming. He decided not to ride the ride, and I was quite pleased, since I didn't have a chance to check on his life insurance before we left. Poor Rominal, he regretted his decision not to ride almost as soon as we got off the elevator back on the earth, but I was quite pleased that he didn't do it.

Look at how happy he looks in this picture. Silly man - he doesn't realize how high up we are.

This is a ride that has you dangling out above the world. Can you hear the people screaming?

And this is the only time I got this close to the edge - notice I am holding on to the railing.

Overall it was a great trip. We deposited money in several casinos as we walked around. Sunday morning, after we had officially checked out of the hotel and were waiting for our shuttle to take us to the airport, I played some slot machines for the last time. I put in $20.00 and doubled my money. I cashed out and gave Rominal the $20.00 in winnings to hold onto while I tried my luck with another machine - and this time I won around $40.00. Again, we cashed out and Rominal held onto our winnings while I still played with the original $20.00. I did this another time and we won a little over $80.00 in total - so that was fun. It didn't make up for all of the other deposits that I had already made though.

We had a great time and it was a fun way to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary - which is actually tomorrow.

Happy anniversary honey!

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