Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Day - Recap

I thought I would do a quick photo tour of our Thanksgiving. Mostly because it's 12:00 here and I'm hungry - and looking at these pictures isn't helping any.

We had the most wonderful time and we shared our Thanksgiving with the most wonderful people!

Here's our turkey - cooked on the grill to save me some oven space.

Bailey took this picture of one of our trees - I thought it was so nice I had to share.

Brittany brought over matching t-shirts for the girls to wear for Thanksgiving. The back of the shirt had a picture of the two girls when they were quite young. That was a big hit!

We had dressing . . .

and mashed potatoes . . .

And sweet potatoes with marshmallows on top . . .

and cranberry sauce (not from a can) . . .

And (yuck) green beans with mushrooms (I made this because I know that Rominal likes both green beans and mushrooms). This dish did not take up any real estate on my plate.

And Donna brought her yummy salad!

And we had rolls . . .

Here's Patrick's plate - It was such a beautiful composition we had to take a picture. Oh - and see the ham in there too - I forgot to get an individual picture of that. Donna and Mark brought the ham.

Mom made The Noble Pig's Upside Down Apple Pie. It was fantastic!

Mom also made a yummy pecan pie!

And she made a pumpkin pie that had pecans and crushed ginger snap cookies - it was great too!

I'm missing pictures of the pies Donna made - a sugar free chocolate and a sugar free pumpkin - both were great!
So, now that I've seen all of these pictures of food - I'm going to go eat!
Hope everyone's Thanksgiving was yummy!

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